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Vacuum Cleaner is a device or machine uses to remove or suck the dust and cleans the floor. It is also described as an important used for cleaning floors, upholstery and other surfaces at home. Vacuum cleaners augment the quality of indoor air flow and lessen the potential allergens. Some of the vacuum cleaners come with bags which are used to collect all the dust and disposed of when it is full for consequent use, while some other vacuum cleaners function without the bag. Get to know all those Types of Vacuums from this guide.

Types of Vacuums

The best vacuum cleaner for the use of domestic cleaning will depend on a lot of factors such as style and total carpeting contained at home, and the surfaces which are needed to be cleaned. Another important factor is the price; the price of the vacuum cleaner depends on the motor power for suction of dust, some of the features and number of accessories. Vacuum cleaners either work with rechargeable batteries or with electricity.

Types of Vacuums image
Types of Vacuums image

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are a number of vacuum cleaners available in the market which is a challenging task to choose the suitable vacuum cleaner. It is important to go through all the types of vacuum cleaners before making the right choice for your use, in order to buy the correct vacuum cleaner which will suit to your requirements and type of cleaning. Though the vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning floors still it is important to know the type of floor you are cleaning frequently. Below are types of vacuums to allow you to identify the correct one which will best suit your cleaning need and purpose.

Canister Vacuum

Canister Vacuum image

Canister vacuums comprised of the tank with long flexible hose. It is lighter than upright vacuums. The canister vacuum has motor and receptacle as its components which are used to collect the dust. It is extremely multi-purpose machine and quite able to clean a lot of surfaces with the help of attachments it has. Canister vacuums are used to clean draperies and upholstery along with vacuuming the carpets, tile and wood floors. This has compact bodies and long hose which help to clean the stairs very easily.

A canister vacuum is easy to use because all you need is to just plan the flexible hose. It can be able to clean any type of carpets and also capable of cleaning bare floors as well easily. With some other attachments, you can also spiff up walls, furniture’s, curtains and ceiling corners. They are costlier than any other type of vacuum cleaners. The canister vacuum has a motor and dust collector as a separate unit.

Upright Vacuum

Upright Vacuum image

Upright vacuums are the earliest and one of the most popular vacuum cleaners among all the types and are designed to clean the house. It is available for various designs.  This upright vacuum provides more power for cleaning the carpet and they are used for speedy and efficient cleaning of the carpets. Some models of this type used to clean the uncovered floors.  This upright vacuum has powerful suction, options for bagged or bagless, tilt and push design and do back and forth floor cleaning with ease. They are outstanding for deep cleaners. Look for the brush roll that can be used for cleaning bare floors and are height adjustable if have rugs with various thickness. This type of vacuum is not versatile as canister vacuum because they generally have fewer attachments, and maybe heavier to pull and push than canister nozzle.

Handheld Vacuum

Handheld Vacuum image

This is one type of vacuum cleaner that people use along with an upright vacuum. The size and portability of handheld vacuum help in cleaning the small spills. Also, it is easy to reach the difficulty accessing areas like stairs, corners, and car interiors. Some specially designed to get rid of hair from upholstery and pick up the debris in the shop. This type is very cheap and generally comes in the cord or cordless models. To clean the car interior then it is better to use a handheld vacuum with a cord. These are lightweight and are portable. They can be used with electricity or with batteries.


Sweeper or Stick Vacuum

Sweeper or Stick Vacuum image

Sweeper or stick vacuum is a lightweight vacuum cleaner intended to carry out the different set of cleaning capabilities. It is an electronic vacuum type with its motor located along with the handle or wand. In this motor joins the handle to cleaning head. Sweeper or stick vacuum is good for cleaning the homes with a low pile or small areas of carpeting and outdoor carpeting. It is easy to clean up the small amounts of dust and debris with its lightweight feature. They always have less and attachments and it is possible to get this model at an affordable price.


Robot Vacuum

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Robot vacuum works automatically with little human attempt. It is designed to function based on the program written by the user through its console or remote control. This vacuum cleaner will clean the floor even the absence of a person. The robotic vacuum will prearrange the number of circuits in the room based on the settings that the owner will make to choose the strength of cleaning. After the completion of the task, this device will automatically turn itself off.

It has electric sensors feature that keeps it away from walls, furniture, and other impediments. This is suitable for cleaning wood, carpet and tile flooring. Also, it has the ability to clean underneath the chairs, beds and other furnishings due to its compact size. It is necessary to charge after every use for effective functioning. Generally, Robot Vacuum produces less noise and does not require any cleaner bag. It is very costly and doesn’t function properly if there are a lot of obstacles in between.

Pet Vacuum

Pet Vacuum image

If you are a pet lover then there is one such problem that is fur or hair of pets on the floors. This makes the home look dirty and unclean. Pet hair, fur, skin, and feathers are the constant source of dirt, dust and many allergens which will be the challenge to clean the home. To clean all this dirt you need a pet vacuum which has super strong suction power. If you want to clean tight stairs, deep carpets or delicate wood floors, powerful pet vacuum is an excellent machine but has different features based on different customers. Pet vacuum will help to clean the hair, fur, debris of pet from the floor without any much stain.


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