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Shark Rotator Review 2020

If you are about to clean your large house, a canister vacuum cleaner is a good option. Shark Canister Vacuum is one among them. In overall cleaning performance of this Canister Vacuum, many are similar to upright vacuums, but they excel at the most complicated tasks. Canister vacuum cleaners are easier to move around. With its long, adjustable hoses, they are handy enough for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and drapes. A canister vacuum makes it easy to clean your entire house, including hardwood floors. The vacuum canister cleaner rolls around on wheels and has a long reach for cleaning jobs high and low. Most are excellent at cleaning bare floors but struggle a bit with carpet. However, the best canister vacuums are strong enough to dig into thick carpets without any extra work.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Overviews – NR96

The Shark NR96 become the best canister vacuum for its compact size, lightweight, and manoeuvrability. This best rated vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a large footprint, and hence it is easy to store. Moreover, the canister body is fairly lightweight, while the little vacuum head and swivel steering make the nozzle of Shark Canister Vacuum very easy to turn and also move. One more popular feature of Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Canister (NR96) is the LED lights on the front of the nozzle. It helps tremendously if you are vacuuming in dimly lite areas or behind or below the furniture. It is very easy to change the attachments of the Shark Vacuum Canister and the sound produced by it is very less.

Some more likes of this best Canister vacuum are the retractable power cord and low profile cleaning head. As this is a compact vacuum cleaner, the size of the dust canister is very less that fills rapidly. Hence it has to be frequently emptied. It is not really a bad thing to consider. This is the first ever canister vacuum that comes with the lift away feature that allows you to carry the motor/dust-canister assembly with one hand and the hose/wand with the other.  The shark nr96 vacuum also has HEPA filtration, a retractable power cord and a low profile nozzle. Also, it performs well on bare floors, carpet and pet hair.  You can use this vacuum on both hard floor and carpet as it owns a brush roll on/off feature.


  • Lift-Away Feature
  • Ease of Use
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Special Features

Shark Rotator Powered Canister Vacuum is the only vacuum which comes with Lift-Away Feature. This ensures easy and versatile cleaning all around the home. It comes with a motorized power nozzle for deep and thorough cleaning under the furniture as well. Moreover, the versatility of lift-away pod in this Shark Canister makes the cleaning of your whole house fast.

For your ease of use, this Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister Vacuum comes with powerful LED headlights on the motorized floor nozzle. Even if you clean in the morning times, there will be some areas in our house which are dark. So, these LEDs are helpful in illuminating such areas. Also, you can easily transit from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floors cleaning with the help of fingertip controls. With one quick foot pedal release, you can make the conversion to above-floor cleaning.

Shark Rotator Canister uses Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA to remove 99.99% of allergens and dust inside the vacuum cleaner. With this dust containment system and the combination of two foam filters, the allergy-causing agents and dust won’t escape back into the air. So, there will be no fear about the bacteria or allergens with this Shark Rotator.

  • For better control, while maneuvering around the furniture, this vacuum is armed with advanced swivel steering.
  • Comes with a dusting brush, straight suction nozzle, small pet power brush, and 5-inch crevice tool. For convenient storage, the nozzle hooks on to the vacuum and dusting brush & crevice tool can be stored onboard the canister vacuum.
  • Lightweight.
  • Automatic Cord Rewind.
  • Lift-Away Pod is lightweight and so easy to carry.
  • Powerful suction cleans bare floor surfaces.
  • 1100 Watts Power.
  • 23 inches Power cord.
  • Fingertip controls for brush roll on/off.
  • 5 Year limited warranty.
  • Cleaner head has a cleaning path width of 8.5 inches


Specification Name Value
Model Number
Product Dimensions
32.7 x 14.4 x 16.3 inches
Item Weight
22.6 pounds
Rose Gun Metal
5 years
Brush roll on/off
Cord Length
23 feet
Cleaning path
14 inches approximately
Overall length
32.7 inches
Filter type
1150 watts

Highlights of Shark NR96 Canister Vacuum

  • The dusting brush of Shark Canister vacuum is designed to work on all surfaces.
  • Crevice tool that comes with this Shark NR96 is 5 inches long and helps you get into narrow and hard-to-reach areas.
  • The power brush of this best canister vacuum picks up pet hair and ground in dirt on both carpet and upholstery.
  • All tools of this Shark Canister Vacuum can be attached to the end of the handle/hose or at the end of the wand. moreover, the dusting brush and crevice tool can also be deposited onboard the vacuum.
  • The Shark NR96 Rotator Powered Lift Away Canister has Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. This means it comes with HEPA level filtration and a sealed system.
  • A sealed system of Shark ensures that all the air entering the vacuum gets passed through the filters before it is exhausted from the vacuum.
  • The Shark Canister Vacuum NR96 has 3 filters. Two pre-motor filters namely 1 felt and 1 foam. Another one is a post-motor filter namely HEPA. All the three filters are washable.
  • Through Shark Vacuum reviews, you can also know that it is also called as a 2 in 1 vacuum. Because this can be used as a canister vacuum and also a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • In lift away mode you basically leave the wheels of the canister behind and “lift away” the motor/dust-canister assembly.
  • A quick release foot pedal of Shark Canister vacuum NR96 makes it easy to detach the lift away pod.
  • The brushroll in the Shark cleaner head is motorized which is very helpful when cleaning the carpet.
  • There is also a suction release valve on the handle of Shark Vacuum Cleaner. This valve can be opened or closed to control the suction at the end of the wand or hose.


The Shark is one of the best house-care brands developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC, a trusted brand in small household appliances and cleaning solutions. By providing innovative products with high functionality SharkNinja has rapidly formed out a significant market share in the housewares industry. And hence become one of the leading companies in this area. From cutting-edge, market leading vacuum cleaners to high-quality coffee systems, Shark products positively impact people’s lives every day. The Shark’s products are widely distributed through well-noted retailers and special stores, and also through its websites.


  • Lightweight
  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • Advanced Swivel Steering
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Not too heavy
  • Good suction
  • Not too loud
  • Low profile Nozzle
  • Retractable power cord
  • Maneuvers well
  • Very helpful liftaway feature


  • Main cleaner head is small
  • Small Dust Container
  • On/Off switch is on the canister body


How to remove Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (nv753) HEPA filter?

To remove Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away HEPA Filter, follow the steps below-

  1. First, you need to unplug the device. 
  2. Now you need to push the button and remove the outer cover. 
  3. You can now remove the HEPA filter. 
  4. Removing a filter is required to clean it and sometimes replace it.
How to assemble Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away?

Assembling a Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is a straightforward and easy process. You need first to attach the rotator to the base. Later you should connect the hose and the pipe.

How do I fix my Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away?

Fixing a Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away can be done in several stages. Follow the steps below-

  1. First, you should unclog your hose and the filter. 
  2. Dry it completely before inserting it. 
  3. Now you should check for the rotator brush roll. 
  4. Clean it as it can be filled with dirt, debris, and pet hair.
How often should I replace my Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum filter?

You should replace your Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum filter for at least six months. But if your area has more pollution or you have more pets, then you should replace it every three months.

Can you wash a Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum HEPA filter?

Yes, you can wash Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum HEPA filters. You need to remove the dust and cleanse it under running water. Allow the filter to dry completely before you insert it again.

Does this Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away have the LED light like some models?

 Yes, Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum comes with powerful LED lights on the handheld vacuum and the nozzle. It is a real pet upright Vacuum Cleaner and has a dust cup.

Does this Shark Powered Lift-Away have automatic cord rewind?

Automatic Cord rewind is present in Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum. This helps to rewind the cord without any effort and also accommodates a little more cord. This makes it easy for you to handle this Vacuum Cleaner.

How wide is the vacuum path of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away?

The vacuum path of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is approximately 10.5 inches wide. This can clean dust along with the pet hair. You can have a clean home free from all types of allergies.


In conclusion, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Canister (NR96) impressed us with its cleaning powers across a range of surfaces, we ultimately determined that the Lift-Away feature is the better deal. For fans of the pure canister design or those who don’t bother about the extra weight, however, the Shark Canister NR96 would make a fine and very visually attractive choice.  The Shark NR96 is great for both small to medium sized homes and should be thankful for its compact design and versatility. Hence, go through the above given Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Reviews and make a better decision. Thanks for visiting us!!! Happy shopping!!

If you are looking for the Lift-Away feature in a canister vacuum, then this Shark NR96 Vacuum Cleaner is the only option available in the market. It cleans both hard floors and carpets well with its powerful suction and motorized brush.

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