Prolux Tritan Bagged Pet Canister – A good quality and budget friendly canister vacuum!

Prolux Tritan Bagged Pet Canister Review 2023

If you need a good quality vacuum cleaner to keep your home clean economically? Then Prolux Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum is for you! It was designed with convenience and high power with low cost in mind. Prolux Canister Titan Pet Vacuum is one of bagged canister vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration, an excellent addition for those living with pets. It has a powerful motor to suck all dirt and pet hair from carpets, tugs, tiles, and hard floors.

Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum for Pets

This Prolux Pet canister vacuum have rubber wheels to protect your floors. It has a convenient cord length and automatic unwinding feature to clean the surface perfectly. HEPA filters absorb more dirt than any other cleaner in the market. It improves the quality of air and keeps allergens away from the house. bags are easy to remove and are compact and lightweight. This Prolux Tritan canister is one of the latest and stylish bagged vacuum cleaners with a very less price than other brands. You will experience a choke free life while using this Prolux Tritan Pet Canister Vacuum is very silent that you can hear television sound while vacuuming. Let us know more through Prolux Tritan Bagged Pet Canister Review before you make a choice.


  • Tank capacity – 12 L
  • Filtration- HEPA filtration system
  • Cord length – 23 feet
  • Additional accessories
  • Lightweight and carefree
  • Suction control
  • By-pass feature
  • On-Board tools

1. Tank capacity

It has an excellent tank capacity of 12 L bagged canister, and there is a light indicator to indicate when the bag should be removed. The product comes with 6 bags in the accessories list.

2. Filtration

Prolux Tritan Bagged Pet Canister Review says that it has an excellent 3-stage filtration system . HEPA filters are present inside vacuum, and this helps to remove allergens from the house. HEPA filter contains micrometer size pores to entrap all types of bacteria and some viruses. Allergens like pet hair, pollen grain, and other dust particles are completely trapped and filtered through this system.

3. Cord length

Cord length is one of most important features you should look for while buying a Best canister vacuum. The average cord length of vacuum cleaners is 30 feet, and our Prolux Tritan has 23 feet long cord. It is a fair amount that can be used to go round the house.

4. Additional accessories

There are tools for every type of job. It has a spinning brush with a turbo head, upholstery tool, combination floor tool, duster brush, and crevice tool. These 5 brushes will help a lot to clean the entire house and maintain hygienically. a spinning brush tool with a turbo head is suitable for cleaning carpets and rugs. Upholstery tools are excellent for cleaning couches, car seats, and mattresses. There is a new combination tool that maximizes working condition and keeps carpet and hard floor surfaces clean. Duster brush removes dust from shelves and ceiling fans. Crevice tools are a good choice for vacuuming nooks and corners of the house.

5. Lightweight and carefree

If the weight of the canister is light, then cleaning will be a breeze. We can clean a large area with more comfort, and it can be stored in a small area. Since overall cleanliness and organization of house is very important, Prolux Pet canister Vacuum has developed this design. We can store this as a single piece with separate tools for specific jobs. It weighs only 15 pounds, and you can carry it around the house for complete cleaning.

6. Suction Control

Prolux Tritan has an amazing deep cleaning motor with 12 amp capacity with suction capacity of 140 CFM of air. Suction pressure can be controlled based on requirement by adjusting knobs.

7. On-Board tools

Prolux Tritan bagged canister vacuum has a new feature called onboard tool storage to keep all accessories along with the product. It does not require any extra space for product, and we can keep tools in hand for immediate use. Previous models did not have this option, and as a result, most of the accessories were lost among the mess. It is more convenient to handle than others.

8. By-pass Long features

One of the biggest issues with vacuum cleaners is clogs. When you use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair and dust, hairs get accumulated inside the bag or hose and prevent the motor from sucking. At Prolux Tritan canister vacuum, there is a by-pass between bag and hose that will open up and save your motor from burning out.



  • Brand : Prolux
  • Item model number : prolux_tritan_blue_1
  • Dimensions : 10x12x19
  • Item Weight : 19.86 pounds
  • Filter Type : HEPA
  • Horsepower (hp) : 1 hp
  • Cord Length (ft.) : 23
  • Warranty Description : 1 year.



Yes, it has a rotating brush for cleaning floors.


It is always better to use products recommended by companies. There are Tritan bags that suit your canister system.


Yes, Prolux Tritan has a good HEPA filtration system to clean the house perfectly.


Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum review have concluded that it is a good choice to buy this vacuum cleaner and can be used for everyday activity. Along with a 23 feet long cord with 12 Amp motor and delivers a suction level of 140 CFM. This Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum is suitable for carpets, hard floors and is lightweight and portable. As it`s quiet in operation and has a HEPA filtration system to keep air free from dirt and bacteria. If you have many pets and you are allergic to them, Prolux canister Tritan pet vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice. Canister vacuum cleaners have become an important appliance in the house to make our life easier.

Prolux Tritan Blue HEPA Filtration Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner image

Tritan Bagged pet canister is one of the best choices when it comes to bagged canisters. It removes pet hairs and dust very efficiently than other models at a comparably low price. There are rubber wheels and 23 feet retractable cord with steel wand with one year- warranty for product. What more can you expect from this best canister vacuum for pets?


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