Ovente ST2620B Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum – Great Suction with Multi-level Filtration!

The Superb storm power vacuum cleaner from the Ovente has brought canister vac’s functions to another level. Ovente ST2620B bagless canister cyclonic vacuum is a lightweight, portable, yet powerful bagless canister vacuum cleaner which has been notable in the market. It has a unique way of not only cleaning places but also purifying the surroundings with its multi-level HEPA technology. It has got its place among the topmost vacuum cleaners within a short span; hence we were highly inspired to test it in order to know more about its functionalities to provide you in this Ovente ST2620B review.

Ovente ST2620B bagless cyclonic vac has a unique power that can quickly and incredibly diminish dust and lousy debris. In addition to its powerful suction, they’ve added additional attachments for various purposes. The top speciality in this canister vacuum is its unique power on any hard floors and carpets. Carpets after vacuuming look sparkling with 99.9% germ/dust-free! Coming with a 1yr limited warranty, this machine is light in weight, easy to carry, works with an automatic retractable cord, can assure easy disposing and reinstalling dust compartment. This vacuum can hardly leave any dirt or dust particles and even dust mites on surfaces because of its huge 1400-Watts robust motor, ensuring a deep cleaning suction in one pass!

Ovente ST2620B Review of 2023 (Key Features)

1. Suction Power

The 1400-Watts showed an eye-catching deep cleaning with less or no dust left over. They’ve accessorized its power on/off button which is quite simple so that one could operate with a gentle press on it. Ovente canister vacuum has an air pressure control feature that allows us to switch its power for the suction. One can switch it from light to deep cleaning and get a desired power of suctioning for various surfaces. Amount of suctioning power it offers can make cleaning complete at a go.

Some other powerful vacuum brands lack this quality feature of enhancing a deep cleaning on the surfaces. Each power adjustment is made for different surfaces to provide a unique or required high-quality cleaning. This ability to clean different surfaces at different modes will provide proper care to the surfaces and does not get knocked down. Since Ovente is known best for its power, this best bagless canister vacuum can excel pretty well in this criterion.

2. Multi-level Filtration

This best canister vacuum for hardwood floors comes with the HEPA filters equipped for a multi-level filtration. This multi-level filtration removes around 99.97% of airborne germs and dirt particles that are as small as 0.03 micrometers. This filtration is beneficial for people who have allergies and are sensitive to dust or dirt debris.

HEPA filters ensure that the caught and stored dust particles won’t be released back to our atmosphere. This HEPA filter is a washable one, so you don’t need to replace it frequently. When tried, except for one of its filters, the rest were washable. When dispensing dust, no single particle gets released back into the air. This effective sealed system of this Ovente bagless canister vacuum cleaner is advantageous and adequate for people who have asthma and other related problems. With given care and instruction, this vac can excel in plentiful activities.

3. Maintenance and Cyclonic Operation

When compared with other brands, this ST2620B shone and proved to be effective. Ovente made its dust compartment translucent to see how extended the dust is. Once filled, it is easy to dispose of. Filters are easily maintainable to make cleaning more efficient. Ovente ST2620 Cyclonic Vacuum is easy to maintain and has eliminated all the hassle in cleaning any room or any other places where this vacuum has to do its job.

The company claims that this Ovente bagless canister cyclonic vacuum cleaner is powerful as a storm and can observe its quality performance. Within a moment or two, the job will be done marvelously. This machine doesn’t heat up rapidly. Due to its power and portable, lightweight feature, this vac can do many activities nonstop, therefore saves time and energy. Use of different attachments was found efficient on various surfaces. It comes with a 2-prong plug.

4. Premium Value

One of the critical factors of this Ovente ST2620B bagless cyclonic vac is its extra attachments. Its package box contains various attachments that come along with this canister vacuum. These accessories are exclusive for sparkling and effective cleaning on all kinds of floors, upholsteries, stairs, other hard-to-reach areas like under the furniture, etc. Its 360° hose swivel enables an all-round cleaning.

These accessories add a premium value to this canister vacuum as they give satisfaction in cleaning surfaces and are provided with no extra charge. Floor brush, bristle brush, sofa brush, crevice nozzle, telescopic wand and unique bendable multi-angle brush are the samples of these said accessories. For hardwood floors and rough carpets floor brush is needed. In case of couches and pet sheds, sofa brush is essential. Crevice nozzle is ideal for cornered edges. Telescopic wand is made of strong metal for excessive cleaning. And the unique bendable multi-angle brush is most useful for reaching to clean under couches, beds.

5. Speed Controls

Unlike other canisters, ST2620B lets you have the desired suction level. The 1400-Watts vac can provide a high-level performance suitable for all kinds of floors or surfaces. This canister vacuum lets you choose between light, medium, and high power. When used, all these speed controls consume a little energy and help you save the electricity bill and let you save your money.

In this way, it is ideal for cleaning a low pile carpet to a hard one, through which you can save energy. On small rugs, it does not require much pressure. This low power is also convenient on sheer curtains. When switched back to high power, it produces a storm! Dirt and debris are cleansed in a blink. These multi-level speed controls will help you clean different surfaces in a shorter amount of time. We would suggest using high power for an area where it’s hard-to-reach and with tons of dust. In the further Ovente ST2620B review, you can see what we liked and what we don’t in this canister vacuum.


Specifications of Ovente ST2620B Bagless Cyclonic Vac

  • Brand : Ovente
  • Item model number : 4335527120
  • Product Dimensions : 15.7 x 11.4 x 13.4 inches
  • Item Weight : 13.2 pounds
  • Specific Uses For Product : Hard floor
  • Wattage : 1400 watts
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
  • Surface Recommendation : Hard Floor, Upholstery, Carpet
  • Color : Black


What is the difference between Ovente ST2620B and 2620O?

Both are the same products with just a slight difference. They may differ in their attachment tools and their colors in which they come.

What is the warranty for this Ovente ST2620B vac?

Ovente ST2620B vac has a limited 1yr warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers defects in workmanship and material.

Will Ovente ST2620B bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner scratch the floor?

Ovente ST2620B bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner if not appropriately maintained might scratch your floors as the tools in this vac are made with less quality than that of the vac.

Does the Ovente ST2620B metal wand detach so you can reach small places?

Yes, you can detach the Ovente ST2620B metal wand. They have also added many handy attachment tools along with it, which you can use for different cleaning purposes and reaching small places.


To own a suitable canister vacuum with the desired power, this Ovente ST2620B Cyclonic canister vacuum is the best option for you. This canister vacuum is an excellent machine with a low profile, that works brilliantly on high pile carpets and car carpets without leaving any scratch marks on furniture. Its motor has an excellent power suction that can pick up anything on surfaces. Having one of a kind like this can be so helpful in one’s busy schedule. Pet owners can make out the best use of it due to its high suctioning capacity. Its performance on hardwood floors has topped meeting demand precisely.

Some extra fittings are included along with the machine that can serve innumerous purposes. Regardless of all these functionalities, one can quickly get a grab on it at an affordable price. It leaves no marks on upholstery, and cleans off with care! It is highly capable of cleaning allergic dust particles without causing any harmful effects on the person. So, by concluding Ovente ST2620B review, this machine can excel in basic cleaning purposes for cleaning by making your life simplified.

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