Miele S2121 Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Best option if you have different flooring in your house!

Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review 2023

There’s nothing pretty like a neatly cleaned floor that makes you happier at home. In order to maintain clean, dust free floors you must need the Best Canister Vacuum for Home. As there are more than 100+ models available in the market. It may be a bit difficult to choose the Best Selling one from this list. No worries we are here to help, this Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best choices for you. Yes, refer this Miele Canister Vacuum reviews, to its features, specs and all.

Miele S2 Series Canister Vacuum for Sale

The Miele S2121 Olympus canister comes with three casters that follow you around without flipping over or getting trapped on a piece of furniture. This best Canister Vacuum glides smoothly on any floor and is extremely lightweight. It weighs less than 13 pounds which is about half the weight of similar canisters. Despite its lack of bulk, the cleaner of this Miele Canister Vacuum itself feels quite strong and well-built. The Plastic latches of this Canister Vacuum can click into any place with ease and does not makes any offensive sounds. Miele S2121 Canister also has a brush which helps more in the process of cleaning.

Again, it is clear that this Miele vacuum cleaner is meant to use on short carpet and hard flooring. This Miele S2121 canister vacuum cleaner gets stuck down in the high carpet and has no wheels. At the same time, the buttons on the back of this Canister Vacuum cleaner are easy to get at without bending over. It is good that cord of this Miele S2121 Canister is easily retractable with a mechanism that doesn’t snag or whip.

The wand that comes with this Best Rated Canister Vacuum Cleaner itself extends to four feet, which makes it easy to clean curtains or absorb spiders crawling across the ceiling. This Miele Vacuum Cleaner has a cloth dust bag that features a plastic collar which can easily slide in and out of the canister. The Miele Vacuum Canister also has a flapper that keeps dirt from escaping.


  • Lightweight
  • Classic FiberTeQ floor tool
  • Six-stage Suction Power
  • Air Clean Filter
  • Other Features

1. Lightweight

Miele S2121 Olympus canister vacuum cleaner is portable and very lightweight. You can easily carry it around the house and make the cleaning. Compared to other vacuum cleaners it offers better control over the suction power. This is the reason why it is ideal for houses with different floor types. Furthermore, it is having an Air Clean filter in it to trap the dust particles and other harmful bacteria and allergens. So, it is safe for allergy sufferers as well.

2. Classic FiberTeQ floor tool

This Miele Canister Vacuum comes with a Classic FiberTeQ floor tool which is perfect for cleaning smooth floors, rugs and low-pile carpets. Just with a flip of the toggle switch, users can easily transit from carpet to smooth flooring or vice versa. This tool is featured in this S2121 Olympus to give the best performance in a new way. So, in your house or apartment, you can get the great cleaning performance from this vacuum irrespective of the floor.

3. Six-stage Suction Power

There are Six-stage Suction Power settings in this vacuum which are displayed clearly on a front-mounted rotary dial. Based on what you are cleaning, means whether carpet pile or floor or fabrics, you can easily adjust or vary the suction power of Miele S2121 Olympus canister vacuum. This ensures the correct level of power for the type of floor you are cleaning. So, you can get total control over the vacuum to give the best clean for your home.

4. Air Clean Filter

It is quite common to face dangerous allergens while vacuuming our house. This Miele S2121 Olympus canister vacuum cleaner is using Air Clean filter to get rid of such harmful pollutants, bacteria, allergens, dust, and other dirt particles. Thus you can give a safe and healthy environment for everyone in your house. Even when you are emptying the vacuum, there will be Auto-Seal Closing filter bag which locks that dirt and allergens without releasing those into the air. So, you can happily empty the vacuum and change the bag.

5. Other Features

  • 11 lbs weight.
  • Can reach a distance of 29.5 feet.
  • Auto Sealing Bags.
  • Triple Air Cleaning Filter.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Automatic cable rewind.
  • 360 degrees rubber wheels.
  • Stainless steel telescopic wand.
  • Crush resistance hose.
  • Indicator for bag removal.
  • Seven Year Warranty on Motor.



  • Manufacturer : Miele, Inc
  • Model : S2121 Olympus
  • Product Dimensions : 9.4 x 22.7 x 15.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 13 pounds
  • dust Capacity : 1.2 gal
  • Filter Type : Super Air Clean
  • Operating Radius : 30 ft
  • Max power consumtion : 1600
  • Warranty : Two years



No, Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner does not come with HEPA filters, but you can add them for an additional filtration system.


The Miele S2121 Olympus occupies a unique place in the world of vacuum cleaners. It is an entry-level, high-end vacuum cleaner canister that is designed exclusively for use on hardwood floors and low-pile carpets. When the vacuum is used as directed, it gives the best performance we have ever seen. The Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a full-featured vacuum. This is one of Miele’s least expensive vacuums. Hope the above given Miele Canister Vacuum Reviews are useful for you. Stay in touch with us to get all updates regarding Canister Vacuums. Thank you!!

Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner image

This is an exceptionally lightweight canister vacuum that has an Air clean filter. It also has a Dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool. Comes with 29.5 feet cleaning radius.


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