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McCulloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaner

The Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Cleaner is a multi-practical steam cleaner for your cleaning and wiping work. To have your surfaces sparkling and kept in their unique quality, go for the Mcculloch Canister Steamer. It accompanies 20 unique accessories that you can fix while taking a shot at different administrations. Utilize this steam cleaner to disinfect and clean your surfaces normally. It has a huge tank of 48 oz., and warmth up in 12 minutes. It will enable you to work ceaselessly for as long as an hour and a half. You will evade the utilization of solid synthetics since you will utilize steam to normally spotless and sterilize your surfaces. This Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam System is fitted with 58 psi strain to clear any earth and oil from your surfaces. It is outfitted with a three-delayed fitting to limit the likelihood of electric stun. Here is Mcculloch Mc1375 Review, make sure to check it befote make a choice.

McCulloch Mc1375 Review 2020

McCulloch Mc1375 vacuum devours 1500 Watts. There is no physical battery to stress over. Its capacity source is completely electric. The Mcculloch Canister Steamer takes around 12 minutes to warmth up. From that point forward, you can steam consistently for as long as an hour and a half. Ground-breaking, adaptable, and sensibly estimated – it’s an obvious fact why the canister-style Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum hits the highest point of our rankings. This Besst Mccullch Canister Vacuum Cleaner is lighter than you would expect when you first observe it, weighing under ten pounds (with an unfilled tank) and very simple to move around the house on its caster wheels.

Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Features

  • Tank Capacity
  • Variable Steam Control
  • Hose
  • Pressure Bar
  • Cord Length
  • Weight
  • Heat Wave Technology
  • Maximum Steam Time
  • Warranty
  • Accessories

The Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Cleaner has a 48 oz. of water tank inbuilt in it. The vacuum cleaner needs water to heat up within 9 minutes. This steamed water helps in cleaning the deep stains from the carpet or the floor. This steam gives the backup of 90 minutes. You can clean the dirty stains on the curtains or the carpet in being time. Some stains cannot be taken off just by simple washing with regular cold water. The deep stains have to take off with the steam wash, which can be done by the Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Cleaner. Also, the hot steam wash will kill germs present on the cleaning place as well.

Some stains get off quickly, but some of them are very hard to take off. Even if you managed to take those hard stains off from your carpet, still there will be an impression of the stain. You cannot take off the stains with the same pressure of steam for all kinds of stains. Some deep stains need high pressurized steam. To take all kinds of stains, the Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaner has provided you the feature of controlling the steam for cleaning.

The Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum has a 20 feet long hose, which enhances the Process of cleaning. With the help of this feature, you can clean the ceiling as well. You can clean kinds of stuff which are beyond your reach. As Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum uses hot steam in the cleaning process, the normal hose will get hot, and it will be so difficult to hold it. Therefore the hose is specially designed for insulating material so that you can hold the hose without getting burned by the heat of steam passing through the hose.

As says in Mcculloch Mc13875 Deluxe Canister Steam System Review, There is a special feature where the dirt of the grills is washed away. When you have greasy and grimy utensils or barbeque, the high pressurized steam will splash it away. Most of the time it happens that we keep on scrubbing the barbeque for a long time to take off the grease of the coke while cooking. With the help of this feature in Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaner, you can kill the germs and bacteria. With the help of 4 high bar pressures, you can clean the grease in no time.

The Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaner is powered by the 18 feet long cord that supplies AC from any power source at your home or office. The company has specifically given the extra-long cord so that the user should have the freedom to move all around the room freely without any restriction. The cord is well managed by the cleaner and is convenient to store. The best part of the corded product is that it does not have a restriction of use. You can use the clean as per your wish and as long as you need without any lag in the power supply.

When it comes to handling the cleaner, no one likes to have a heavy one. The heavy cleaners are hard to handle and move. It is quite a difficult job to move the heavy cleaner from one place to another. The Mcculloch Canister Steamer is only 3 lbs. The body of the cleaner has a handle on the top of it, which can be used to carry it over different places. The whole cleaner is specifically manufactured in such a way that the overall weight of the product will be at a minimum.

The Mcculloch Canister Steamer also has the heating system inbuilt in it. The system requires water in the water tank of capacity of 48 oz. The water is filled manually before use. The steam is required to start the cleaning process. More hot is the steam, faster, and efficient the cleaning will be. The Process of heating the water and converting it into steam will take approximately 10 minutes. The variable steam controller controls the steam. It is one of the features which you will find in the Best Steam Canister Vacuum, and this cleaner has one.

Since the Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaner has the heatwave technology inbuilt in it, you should be aware of the maximum steam time for the product. The highest rate of the making steam of this product is 31 grams per minute, and the lowest rate is 15 grams per minute. The rate will depend on how old is the water which you have provided and the surrounding atmosphere. You should be filling the boiler with the measuring cup. Do not overflow the boiler to prevent any type of short-circuits.

The warranty is that aspect which will tell you about the durability of the product. If the warranty of the product is more, surely the product is more durable. The durability of the product is directly proportional to the warranty given by the company. It will also speak about the parts which are used to assemble the product. The warranty period of the Best Mcculloch Canister Vacuum Cleaner will be of 2 years. Although the company is 50 years old and one of the most trusted companies in the field of cleaner machines.

Everyone likes to get some accessories with the product they have bought. The Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaner also comes with many useful accessories. You will get the water filling cup, which is used to fill up the boiler, storage sack to carry to some other place for cleaning, an extension for a wand to extend the hose to more extensive, and many more. All the accessories are meant to perform some task. By using these accessories, you can reduce your efforts to clean the floor or any other thing as well. Using proper accessories in the proper place will enhance the efficiency of the Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaner.

Mcculloch Mc13875 Deluxe Canister Specs

Specification Name Value
Product Dimension
15.6 x 12.1 x 10.5 inches
Product Weight
10.78 pounds
Power Source
Corded Electric
Heat Up Time
10 minutes
Item Model Number
Black, Yellow
Maximum Steam Time
90 minutes
Tank Size
48 oz.
Warranty period
2 years
Steam Hose Length
10 feet
1500 W
Power Cord Length
18 feet
Variable steam


  • 20 Versatile accessories
  • Extra-long 18-foot power cord and 10-foot steam hose
  • Variable Steam Control
  • Power Through Dirty Floors


  • It is one of the most reliable steam cleaners.
  • A large tank capacity.
  • The power of the steam cleaner is variable
  • The design is very user friendly


  • It can be pricey for some
  • Difficult to control it for elders at times
  • The number of accessories are too high to manag


How to empty the water of a Mcculloch MC1375?

The steamer of Mcculloch MC1375 has a tank that can hold up to 48 ounces of water. This allows you to clean for up to 45 minutes. To empty the container, you need to open the gate of the water tank and then pour the water out.

How to adjust the steam on a Mcculloch MC1375?

Adjusting steam on Mcculloch MC1375 is straight forward. There is a button which allows you to have a minimum to maximum steam for the cleaning purpose. You can also switch it off and use the Vacuum Cleaner.

How do you use the Mcculloch MC1375?

To use Mcculloch MC1375 steamer, you need to fill in the tank with water. Switch on the device and your steam is ready. You can clean any surfaces with the help of the steamer.

Can you use Mcculloch MC1375 steam cleaner on the carpet?

A steamer works on the principle of steam to sanitize and refresh. In the case of Mcculloch MC1375, this cannot be applied on a carpet as it can be used only for spot cleaning.

Does the Mcculloch MC1375 require distilled water?

 It is suggested to use distilled water to have a good lifespan for Mcculloch MC1375. But it is not compulsory. You can use water of your choice.

What's the difference between Mcculloch MC1375 and 1385?

 The significant differences here are 1385 has the knob on the handle and comes with a neat store cold wrap for storing it. Mcculloch MC1375 has a knob on the Canister body and doesn't have these features.

How many accessories come accompanied with the Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Cleaner?

A total of 20 accessories come accompanied with the Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Cleaner.

Does Mcculloch MC1375 come with an auto shut off an option?

No, Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum does not have an auto shut off option.

Do we have to hold the trigger of the Mcculloch MC1375 while cleaning?

No, you do not have to hold the trigger of the machine while cleaning, because the button has an auto-lock in

Bottom Line

Its all about Mcculloch Mc1375 Review, More often than not, we are utilizing the huge mop sets out toward our floors or other level surfaces. There’s every so often cause to plunge into the storage trove of different accessories that this Best Mcculloch Canister Vacuum cleaner accompanies. For example, there is a three-inch scrubber, a few brushes of different sizes, various scrubber cushions, a metal utility brush, and hierarchical accessories like a net for every one of the accessories and a capacity sack. The Mcculloch Canister Steamer is easy to utilize. In the more outlandish occasion you stall out with any parts of ease of use, the user manual covers completely everything that you have to know. The accessories add to its flexibility.

No item is impeccable, and the Mcculloch Mc1375 Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaner framework has some minor opportunities to get better. One thing missing is low water cautioning light or marker. This one isn’t that significant; however, since you can without much of a stretch, see the water level, and it has enough limit with regards to 90 minutes of activity. Other than that, this product is worth the purchase, because despite having so many accessories to aid you in cleaning, it is lightweight. The capacity of the tank is also very large, so you get continuous cleaning without having to take breaks in between.

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