Kenmore BC4026 and Kenmore BC4027 Canister Vacuum – What is the Best Pick?

It is very important to know about the features of the canister vacuum cleaner you are buying. Since purchasing a vacuum cleaner is a very huge investment, it is essential to know about it before you buy one. Depending on your usage, frequency, floor type, and certain other things you must buy the most suitable cleaner for you. There are a lot of options available in the market providing the exact same features you want. Today we are going to compare Kenmore BC2046 and Kenmore BC2047. Since they are from the same brand with almost the same model numbers, there are quite a few differences between them. Let’s go through the Kenmore BC4026 Vs BC4027 guide given ahead and know about their differences and then you will be able to choose the perfect bagged vac for you.

Kenmore BC4026 Vs BC4027 Canister Vacuum Comparison

Kenmore BC4026 Bagged Canister Vacuum imageKenmore BC4027 Bagged Canister Vacuum image
Basics of ComparisonKenmore BC4026 Bagged Canister VacuumKenmore BC4027 Bagged Canister Vacuum
Dimension28.00 x 16.30 x 13.80 Inches17.20 x 13.10 x 28.70 Inches
Weight25.4 lbs25.5 lbs
Power SourceCordedCorded
Cord length26 feet retractable cord26 feet retractable cord
Power specification120V, 12 Amps120V, 12 Amps
SurfaceMultisurface – Hard Floor, CarpetMultisurface – Hard Floor, Carpet
Motor2-motor systemYes
Hose360-degree hose swivel360-degree hose swivel
Dust CollectionBagged Bagged
Full Bag IndicatorYesYes
Attachment Reach9.5 feet10.5 feet
Automatic Cord RewindYesYes
Self-cleaning Brush RollNoNo
Telescopic wandYesYes
Suction Power ControlYesYes
HEPA filter Yes Yes
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Check PriceCheck Price

Kenmore BC4026 and Kenmore BC4027 Bagged Canister Vacuum – Key Difference


Both Kenmore bagged vacuums BC4026 & BC4027 come with a powerful 2 motor system. The two-motor system consists of a canister-type motor and filtration system in the main body for cleaning all types of carpeted floors. Two motor systems allow you to stop the brush roll for cleaning bare floors or while cleaning with attachments. Also, the more powerful the motor is, the better your vacuum cleaner works. The motor provides 120 Volts of energy to run your vacuum cleaner. Powerful motors help in increasing the suction capacity of vacuum cleaners allowing you to clean dirt properly with no remains behind.

Filtration System

Kenmore BC4026 and BC4027 both come with HEPA filtration systems. It is very useful for your vacuum as it traps a large number of very small particles. Vacuum cleaners not having HEPA filtration might leave those particles back in the air and make them harmful. HEPA filtration is recommended for minimizing dirt, dander, and other small particles in your house which can make you suffer from respiratory diseases. So, you don’t have to worry about these filters if you choose either of the two vacuum cleaners as they are both fully equipped with HEPA filtration.

Suitable Surfaces

It is very important to look for the type of surface your vacuum cleaner can handle. There are certain vacuum cleaners that do not work on either hardwood floor or carpets or wood. Before buying a vacuum cleaner make sure that it works on the type of floor you want it to. Kenmore BC4026 and BC4027 both work on all types of surfaces. You don’t have to worry about the surfaces they would work for. Their attachments and nozzle allow you to clean every type of surface. Though the nozzle of BC4027 is 1 inch wider than Kenmore BC4026 bagged canister vacuum allowing you to cover a wider surface making cleaning easy.


A vacuum cleaner requires different types of brushes for different types of floors. Kenmore BC4026 comes with a brush roll, used for cleaning all types of carpet whether they are thick or thin. Also, it has a bare floor brush which allows you to clean the area without carpets. You should always use the type of brush recommended for proper cleaning. On the other hand, Kenmore BC2047 has ultra-plush vents which allows you to clean deeper than the former vacuum cleaners. Its vents allow it to clean beneath the pile of carpets ensuring you proper cleanliness. This makes 32% easier for your cleaner to push and pull on thick carpeting.


Kenmore BC4026 and BC4027 both belong to the 600 series of Kenmore vacuum cleaners and hence they are more or less similar. The parts and products used to make the vacuum cleaner are of the same quality and hence there is not much difference between the two on the basis of quality. They both are very well working, user-friendly, and do not require much time for their installation. They are almost ready to use when they come out of the box. You only have to connect the tube to the power machine and you are ready to go.

Tools & Attachments

Using necessary tools and attachments for cleaning the specific area is essential. You cannot clean your upholstery with the stair tool and vice versa. Both Kenmore BC4026 and Kenmore BC4027 have a bagged design and a check bag indicator so you are aware when your bag is full and you can empty it. You can adjust both of them up to 4 heights’ level as per your convenience. Both of them have a 360-degree hose swivel making the cleaning process easier. Kenmore BC4027 has a special feature which the other one doesn’t have. The former comes with a headlight on the nozzle to help illuminate low light spots for more thorough cleaning of your house.


Vacuum cleaners are a very huge investment and hence you must look into its warranty before buying one. Kenmore BC4026 and BC4027, both have a 1-year limited warranty. This implies that you will get services for your vacuum cleaner almost free in the first year and if you face any problems during its usage in the first year then the manufacturers will be responsible for it. You can get a replacement for your product if there are a lot of problems.


We hope that you must be clear about the various features of Kenmore BC4026 Vs BC4027. More or less Kenmore BC4026 and Kenmore BC4027 are the same models as they belong to the same 600 batches. Though there are a few differences between both of them, you can easily select the best canister vacuum you want after reading the specs and features. We would recommend you to go for Kenmore BC4026, though the Kenmore BC4027 canister vacuum might have some extra features than the former it is very expensive. There are merely two or three differences between them and paying $100 extra is not worth it. Kenmore BC4026 is an extremely good cleaner and completely worth your time and money.

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