Kenmore 600 Series 81614 Vs. Elite 81714 Canister Vacuum Comparison

Do you find cleaning different surfaces a tough job to do? Don’t worry, Kenmore is here to offer its two best-selling canister vacuums. The Kenmore 600 Series canister Vacuum and Kenmore Elite Canister Vacuum are the best solutions for your entire cleaning problem. From pet hairs, kitchen-clean at hard-to-reach places, stubborn dirt on the carpet, car interiors, and much more, Kenmore has multipurpose vacuum solutions. So, now let’s draw out the comparison between the Kenmore 81614 Vs 81714 for better investing.

Kenmore 81614 Vs 81714 Canister Vacuums

Kenmore 81614 600 Series Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Powermate imageKenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Pet PowerMate image
Basics of ComparisonKenmore 81614 Pet Friendly Bagged Canister VacuumKenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Canister Vacuum
Dimension27.95 x 16.22 x 13.78 Inches27.76 x 17.91 x 13.98 Inches
Weight22 Pounds29.6 pounds
Power SourceCordedCorded
Cord length28 Feet26 Feet
Dust Collection TypeBaggedBagged
Surface RecommendationHard Floor, CarpetDual Action, Carpet
HEPA FilterYesYes
Full Bag IndicatorYesYes
Attachment Reach10 Feet10 Feet
Telescopic wandYesYes
Suction Power ControlYesYes
HEPA filter Yes Yes
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Check PriceCheck Price

Kenmore Elite 81714 Or Kenmore 81614 Pet Friendly – Which Should I Buy?


Kenmore 81614 and 81714 offer a combination of a dual-power system that separately controls the canister and the main floor head for better suction quality. Both the models don’t exhibit much difference in their motor power. The two-motor feature is very helpful in providing effective brush rotation for deep cleaning in both models. The powerful motor equipped in duo models gives you 20% more air power than a traditional upright vacuum motor. The Kenmore 600 Series 81614 and the Kenmore Elite 81714 are manufactured for deep and complete cleaning with incredible motor power.

Filtration System

The Kenmore 8164 and 8714 models are designed with a triple HEPA filter system. This enhanced filter system traps 99.97% of dust, dirt, bacteria, odor, and pollen, as tiny as 0.3 microns inside the vacuum itself. This helps to minimize any allergy-induced pollutants in the room. Their filtration system includes a HEPA cloth bag with locking tabs, a disposable motor filter, and a washable pre-motor filter. With both the models, you’ll find an indicator light that turns on when it’s time to either clean the filter or change the filter bag.


The Kenmore canister vacuum models work on all types of floor surfaces. These multipurpose vacuum solutions give a scratch-free clean on hardwood floors as well as capture debris and pet hairs from carpeted floors. These are best for cleaning home furniture or car interior. With variable power control features, equipped in the Kenmore 81614 and 81714, you’ll find the perfect for delicate carpets, rugs, and bare floors. Also, they ensure easy reach cleaning with an aluminum wand that can go up 10.5 feet. This lightweight and detachable wand can be easily extended for cleaning hard-to-reach places.


The Kenmore 600 Series and Elite models are versatile cleaning machines that provide total home cleaning solutions. There are three brushes along with other attachments: a motorized pet PowerMate for lifting stubborn pet hair, a dusting brush for removing dirt from furniture, and a floor brush for cleaning bare surfaces. In addition to this, the Kenmore 600 Series 81614 offers a Pop-N-Go brush that gets attached to the handle and wand to clean hard floors with great comfort. This gets conveniently stored inside the vacuum body. Also, both the units are uniquely designed that prevents hair from tangling around the brushes.


The weights of Kenmore canister vacuums have almost no difference with 22.6 lbs and 22 lbs for Kenmore 81614 and 8714 respectively. This means you can easily carry and store these lightweight cleaners anywhere you wish to. Both the models have onboard storage which means that the additional tools and accessories get stored inside the vacuum cleaner itself. These handy small appliances also include a handle & retractable power cord for flexible cleaning and smooth-rolling wheels for easy transportation.

Tools and Attachments

The best part of buying these canister models is they provide a complete home cleaning solution with multiple tools and attachments. Both the units are equipped with versatile tools: a dust brush for corners, baseboards, & cabinets, an upholstery brush for stairs, furniture, car interior, & curtains, a crevice tool to clean hard-to-reach places, motorized pet hair remover for picking and trapping pet hair, dander, & dirt quickly and a bare floor tool for cleaning floors. So, Kenmore 600 Series and Kenmore Elite are capable enough for deep as well as quick cleaning inside and outside your home.

Additional Features

Many additional features in these best pet canister vacuums contribute to make them the best-selling models. The models have indicator LED lights that warn to clean the motor and replace the bags. Also, this helps to illuminate dark areas for easy and precise cleaning. Additionally, the Kenmore Elite 81714 offers an exclusive stair grip feature that enables the vacuum to rest on the stairs properly and prevent any falling over. Another exclusive feature of this model is its ultra push nozzle technology. This advanced technology uses airflow to automatically adjust the nozzle according to the thickness of the carpet.


The comparison between the Kenmore 81614 vs 81714 must have given you an idea to invest in which of these models. A reliable Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner is all you need for hassle-free cleaning. This reduces all your valuable time in removing pet hairs, dust and cleaning different surfaces. So, all you need to do is invest in any of these Kenmore vacuum models to give your home a versatile and convenient cleaning.

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