Kenmore 22614 Pet Friendly Bagless Canister Vacuum – Easy to transport & flexible to clean!

Kenmore 22614 Review: Cleanliness and owning pets never go hand in hand. One major difficulty experienced by pet owners while using a vacuum cleaner was its inability to remove pet hair from the surface. It is commonly due to the fact that static electricity makes the dog and cat hair cling so tightly to fabrics that no amount of high suction power seems to pick it up. There comes the essentiality of the Kenmore 22614 Pet-friendly Bagless Canister Vacuum, which can easily pick up your pet hair.

However, these days, the market offers a range of models and designs to choose from, which can prove as an ocean full of options and at the same time a stressful job for you to stick up with a specific product like the Kenmore 22164. To release the load of pressure from your head on whether to choose or why to choose the Kenmore 22164, we present our top pick under the category: pet-friendly vacuum cleaners.

This article will assess the Kenmore 22614 pet-friendly bagless canister vacuum, which uses powerful suction technology to remove unwanted debris and dirt from floors, upholstery, and draperies. This machine is an ideal choice for sanitation and is electrically driven, consists of a dual-motor, HEPA filter, and can be effortlessly operated by homemakers and house servants. The machine comes with additional accessories that help in under-furniture cleaning and is extremely lightweight with a multi-purpose bagless design. It offers an array of convenient features like a telescoping wand, a washable filter, and excellent quality.

Kenmore 22614 Review, 2023 (Key Features)

  • Lightweight, bagless and multi-purpose design
  • Ensures a deep clean
  • Powerful suction technology for cleaning
  • Hepa filter system
  • Telescoping wand
  • Easy to set up
  • Additional accessories

1. Lightweight, Bagless, and Multi-Purpose Design

Kenmore Lightweight HEPA Canister Vacuum is a 22 lbs lightweight and multi-purpose vacuum cleaner specially designed to clean all floors, draperies, and upholstery within the home, den, kitchen, car, or garage. Its compact and durable style is easy to operate, and the built-in handle makes it easy to lift. The design has been carefully drafted, keeping in mind the range of facilities and features it should provide. Being less than 25 lbs in weight, makes it quite an ideal tool that is comfortably portable.

Kenmore 22614 canister vacuum for pet hair has satisfied its customers regarding the multi-surface cleaning it offers, ranging from hardwood, laminate to pile carpeting. The machine is composed to clean all floors with a thoroughly easy to empty, filterless transparent canister. It consists of a dust bin where the dust is collected, so after emptying the bin, the user can take it apart and wash it. The product requires less energy due to its lightweight nature and can be moved to any part of your home.

2. Ensures a Deep Clean

Kenmore Bagless Canister Vacuum 22614 is an innovative and ideal vacuum cleaner for cleaning all types of floors. It has been designed so that the motorized attachments present within it effortlessly lift stubborn pet hair, dander and dirt quickly from the surfaces. The design of this compact canister vacuum makes it unique for eliminating hair from tangling or curling edges around the brush. This feature makes it one of the optimum choices while looking for a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner.

The users find its deep cleaning abilities impressive and highly recommend it for their family and friends, especially if they own pets. One will no longer have to spend hours cleaning the most strenuous corners of their lovely home if they invest in this efficient, lightweight canister vac that ensures a deep clean in every section.

3. Powerful Suction Technology for Cleaning

Kenmore Powermate Canister Vacuum comes in a combination of two very sturdy motors that provide an effective brush rotation and a powerful suction for deep cleaning. It makes use of a cyclonic technology, which in turn uses a strong centrifugal force to give rise to a powerful suction that pulls dirt and pesky pet hair from carpets and upholstery. Isn’t that amazing? The machine is simple to use and creates such a powerful force that effectively cleans your home surroundings.

Any vacuum cleaner’s suction is the most important feature and should always be given importance while making any purchase. The more powerful suction technology, the better results you will get in terms of sanitation. Kenmore 22614 vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice in terms of suction technology as well.

4. HEPA Filter System

Kenmore Canister Vacuum 22614 comes with an enhanced HEPA filter system, which has been reported to trap approximately 99.97 % of dirt and debris. It traps all sorts of dander inside the vacuum and reduces allergens in the room, making the machine highly recommendable for patients with asthma or other airborne ailments.

This canister vac is suitable to tackle tasks with ease due to its incredible design. The HEPA filter is replaceable and can be changed whenever necessary. It is capable of sucking all the allergens present in the atmosphere adding to its long list of features, making it a preferable option under pet-friendly, lightweight canister vacuum.

5. Telescoping Wand

Kenmore HEPA Canister Vacuum consists of an adjustable wand that lengthens to an extended reach of 9′ and offers a cleaning width of 14″. The wand is constructed from premium quality aluminum and ensures a good and sturdy grip. It also offers a fantastic feature – a detachable handle perfect for cleaning furniture, car interior, and other tight spaces. This best canister vacuum for pet hair is well equipped with all the desirable features that confer to its high performance and outstanding abilities to work.

6. Easy to Set Up

This canister vacuum is convenient to use and even more comfortable to set up. Even non-professionals can use it with great style and comfort without facing any issues. It comes with an easy to understand Kenmore 22614 manual, making your work more straightforward if you face any trouble while assembling the product.

Lightweight design makes it easy to lift. The 24′ cord is retractable, and all accessories and attachments fit in a neat and clean manner within the vacuum, making it easy to store. A vacuum cleaner that is easy to store?! No, you’re not dreaming! Kenmore 22614 eliminates all the stress associated with the process of effective cleaning. You can easily shift it from one place to another and can be stored with maximum ease.

7. Additional Accessories

Kenmore 22614 Vacuum Cleaner comes with two onboard accessories: A dusting brush and a crevice tool for a convenient cleaning transition. The crevice nozzle is specific in cleaning hard-to-reach places. It’s upholstery brush can reach out for furniture, curtains, stairs, van, and car seats. The dusting brush is recommendable for corners, baseboards, and cabinets. All these features make it an ideal machine with overall high-quality performance.


Specifications of Kenmore Lightweight Canister Vacuum 22614

  • Brand : Kenmore
  • Item model number : 22614
  • Dimensions LxWxH : 24.5 x 15.48 x 16.94 inches
  • Item Weight : 26 pounds
  • Wattage : 120 watts
  • Color : Purple
  • Cord length : 24 feet
  • Attachment reach : 9 feet
  • Number of cyclones : 8 cyclones


How long is the hose of the Kenmore 22614 Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

The hose of the Kenmore 22614 Vacuum is measured to be 6 feet.

Who manufactures the Kenmore 22614?

Kenmore company itself manufactures the Kenmore Canister Vacuum 22614.

Does this Kenmore 22614 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner come with a separate floorhead?

No, Kenmore pet friendly vacuum does not come with a separate floorhead. However, the powerhead is a multi-floorhead.

Does this Kenmore 22614 pet-friendly unit vacuum clean under furniture?

Kenmore 22614 pet-friendly Bagless Canister unit vacuum works under furniture. It has been found to be the best among all the other vacuum cleaners that work under furniture.


Kenmore 22614 Powermate Canister Vacuum is an ideal choice for all pet owners due to the range of features it offers. It significantly reduces the stress associated with cleaning and ensures a deep cleaning even at the most challenging corners. It has excellent performance and outstanding abilities.

The lack of vacuum cleaners’ inability to remove pet hair leads to the development of other allergens in the surroundings, which causes air-borne ailments, for example, Asthma. Kenmore 22614 HEPA Canister Vacuum is user-friendly and ensures removing all dust and allergens, creating a safer and hygienic atmosphere in your home. It has received 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon by the customers who have received and used it. It has also gained 17th spot in canister vacuum cleaners.

Kenmore 22614 Pet Friendly Lightweight Bagless Compact Canister Vacuum image

Kenmore 22614 Review: It is a highly recommended machine for all-round cleaning. Its HEPA filter system removes all the allergens from the surroundings, and this vacuum pulls in all sorts of dirt and dander from the neighboring areas. It can cleanse a variety of materials from carpets, upholstery to draperies. It offers an array of features and consists of a telescoping wand and a 14″ cleaning width, which is quite a lot. This canister has an incredible power suction ability and gives rise to a strong centrifugal force, which removes all dirt from the floors. It is highly portable due to its lightweight, bagless and multipurpose features. It is overall a great product.


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