Kenmore Bagless Canister Vacuum 10701 – Perfect for Pet Hair Removal from any Surface!

Finally, those days passed when you had to dust and clean your house with your hands. Having a powerful vacuum cleaner is always an excellent time-saver and as well as an energy-saver for you. Kenmore offers you one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners- the Kenmore 10701 Bagged Canister Vacuum. So, for your sake, we’ve tested the product personally. In this Kenmore 10701 review, we will be covering this canister vacuum features, pros, and its cons.

Kenmore 10701 Vacuum Cleaner boasts several outstanding qualities as it offers you the best cleaning experience that we’ve experienced. The sleek design of the 10701 Canister Vacuum is the first attraction, and multiple other features follow it. It is bagless, ensuring you do not have to go through that additional process of changing the bags when the previous one gets wholly used. Its lightweight built-up allowed us to carry it around the house for cleaning without any problem. Kenmore 10701 is pet-friendly, which implies your fur-babies are free to play all-around your home. It offers excellent cleaning on bare floors, no matter how much dust or debris is piled up.

Kenmore 10701 Review for 2023(Features)

1. Bagless and Transparent Canister

Kenmore 10701 bagless compact canister vacuum w/ turbine brush – silver/blue does not have bags. It is bagless, which means you are free from the task of changing the bags every time they get old or wholly used. Bagless vacuum cleaners, at times, can seem to be a lot of risk as the unsealed joints tend to let out the sucked-in dust, which may result in a severe mess as you have to clean up that dirt all over again.

But with the Kenmore 10701, the dust your vacuum gets stored in the canister without the risk of leaking out. Plus, with the canister body being transparent, you can keep track of the amount of dust that has been stored, so you can empty the canister accordingly, which is a big green signal for buying this vacuum cleaner.

2. HEPA Filtration

You can pick the right vacuum cleaner for yourself only when you know how important it is to have a vacuum cleaner with the HEPA filter system. HEPA means “High Efficiency Particulate Arrest,” which helps a vacuum cleaner do wonders to your house’s atmosphere. They are scientifically designed to arrest the micro-elements in the air that cause asthma or other allergies.

General allergens that we do have in our homes are of 0.3 microns or more extensive than that. But the HEPA filters can track them down easily, if not 100%, then at least for 99.97%. Kenmore 10701 offers you this “High Efficiency Particulate Arrest” filter for the safety and comfort of your near and dear ones. We were glad to know this vacuum cleaner has the HEPA filtration system.

3. Cyclonic Technology

Kenmore 10701 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner has changed our average vacuum cleaner concept as it offers much more than just “average” to us. It has a cyclone filter attached to it, which is commonly known as cyclonic technology. What does it do? Well, much more than you think. General household dust contains both tiny dust particles and comparatively larger objects.

With the cyclonic technology, the vacuum cleaner produces centrifugal force to separate the tiny particles from the relatively larger particles. Then it stores the fine and tiny dust particles in a separate transparent cup. Thus, your canister remains relatively empty for a longer time before you finally need to empty the bin. The cyclonic technology also offers a consistent and steady suction while in operation, which indeed, we liked very much.

4. Wand Type

With this best lightweight canister vacuum in your house, you should forget about the old days when you had to adjust the extension cords to reach the high ceilings or window panes. Kenmore 10701 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with the telescopic wand to save you from the extra hassle.

Now, you may wonder what exactly a telescopic wand is? Well, these are multiple pieces of wands joined together according to the increasing diameter of the individual wands. You can fold them and shorten the height while cleaning some low-built windowpane, and also, you can pull out the wand to extend the reach so that you can effortlessly clean a pretty high ceiling without much problem. You can even join an extension cord to upgrade the reach of the vacuum cleaner as we did.

5. Retractable Cord and Cord Length

Kenmore Canister Vacuum has the perfect feature if you have ever been irritated while rolling up the cord yourself. Yes, you read it right. Much to our surprise, this best Kenmore Canister Vacuum Cleaner has the automatic cord rewinding system, and it even rolls the cord up on its own.

Kenmore 10701 Canister assures your comfort, and therefore, you would now never have to roll up the cords by yourself. The cord is 16-feet in length, which is slightly shorter than the other standard vacuum cleaners. But you always have the option open right in front of you to further extend the cord length by using extension cords. Much to your relief, the Kenmore has power buttons on its foot so that you can turn it on or off according to your wish with just a tap of your toe.

6. Power Brush

Kenmore 10701 Canister Vacuum Cleaner comes with a turbine brush. So, what does it do? It does the unthinkable. There are such corners in every house where we give less attention, and as a result, dirt and dust keep piling there and take the form of debris instead. That is precisely when this turbine brush comes in handy.

The turbine brush creates an additional force to break the debris into tinier pieces so that it becomes easy for the vacuum cleaner to suck that in. After the debris breaks into much smaller parts, the floor brush makes sure to brush it off, and then the floor head of the 10701 Canister Vacuum sucks the dirt in. That is how you get rid of the harsh and sturdy debris in a few seconds. Kenmore Canister Vacuum did not disappoint us, and you would be more than happy to have such a device in your house.

7. 360 Degree Swiveling

While cleaning the floor, has it been a matter of fear to you that the hose might be twisted while bending it for better cleaning? That is pretty much the same thought we had while bending the hose of the vacuum cleaner. But to our amusement, this best canister vacuum for carpet passed the test successfully and with a grade A.

The hose is flexible, so flexible that it allows you to bend it in 180 degrees in both directions, making it a total of 360 degrees. This will enable you to clean the floor with absolutely no fear in the mind that the hose might be twisted or damaged.

8. On-Board Accessories

This Kenmore Bagless Canister does come with a few useful accessories to provide you with a much more effective cleaning experience. The accessories we got include a crevice tool, an additional dusting brush, and a floor brush. These accessories offered us an excellent cleaning on bare floors, no matter how much dust or debris is piled up.

We were saved from incurring additional costs with the accessories that came with the Kenmore Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner. With the help of these tools the pet hair, tiny dirt or debris can be easily eliminated, and we got a clean and neat home. Check out our real time experience about what we liked and what we don’t in the further Kenmore 10701 review.


Specifications of Kenmore Vacuum 10701 Carpet

  • Brand : Kenmore
  • Item model number : 10701
  • Product Dimensions : 11.4 x 12.2 x 28.8 inches
  • Item Weight : 18.5 pounds
  • Color : Blue
  • Wattage : 120 watts
  • Surface Recommendation : Carpet


Is the hose of the Kenmore Bagless Compact Canister Vacuum 10701 soft and flexible?

Yes. The hose that comes with the Kenmore 10701 Bagless Canister Vacuum is soft and flexible. It can be bent 180 degrees on both sides, so it is capable of swiveling 360 degrees without being damaged.

How many attachments do the Kenmore 10701 Canister Vacuum Cleaner come with?

The Kenmore pet friendly vacuum 10701 comes with 2 attachments- one is, the turbine brush which includes rotating agitator bristles to loosen debris and the other is floor brush to easily sweep bare floors with suction only and won’t scratch floors.

What is the output power of the Kenmore 10701 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

Kenmore 10701 Pet-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner is 200 watts, and the maximum airflow is 60 cubic feet per minute.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly vacuum cleaner that would literally “fit the bill,” then the Kenmore 10701 Pet-Friendly Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaner should be on your checklist. It is lightweight, bagless, and washable, which makes your house cleaning job hassle-free. Besides, the turbine brush is an excellent feature that the Kenmore 10701 most powerful canister vacuum boasts.

Personally, we prefer the Kenmore 10701, as it has the HEPA filtration system, which is an absolute and a must-have in your vacuum cleaner. The Kenmore 10701 is also certified by the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America), which is why the Kenmore 10701 does have the potential to save your family and children from harmful allergy-causing particles, pollen, and bacteria. It comes in Blue and Silver colors attracting its customers. Hope this Kenmore 10701 review helped you to pick the best canister vacuum for pet hair.

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