Simple Guide to use a Canister Vacuum – Tips to use your Vacuum perfectly

Cleaning is surely time taking and effort consuming tasks and as the technology is growing day by day people are depending much on these impressive machines for cleaning purposes called vacuum cleaner. Many of the people are looking forward to the advanced technology of machines introduced by the companies to enjoy the combination of powerful functionality and convenience. Those are Canister Vacuums. Now, in this article, we are going to see How to use a Canister Vacuum.

How to use a Canister Vacuum?

Best canister vacuum cleaners are now introduced in the market with many innovative features, attachments, and funky designs. These vacuum cleaners provide multi purposes and make the tasks hassle-free and more convenient. Canister vacuum cleaners have many advantages. This article gives the complete guide and tips to use a canister vacuum cleaner.

How to use a Canister Vacuum image
How to use a Canister Vacuum image

Overview of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Many types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market these days and solely it depends on the individual to buy a type of vacuum cleaner according to their preferences and needs. Canister vacuum cleaners are more versatile functionality and are most suitable in urban environments like studios and apartments. The best canister vacuum cleaner has a motor and dust collector. These machines either have a bag or do not have bags for collecting the dirt or wastes. The dust collectors are generally located on the wheels of the machine which are connected to the head of the cleaner by a flexible hose. These are known for their flexibility which enables the user to use different attachments depending on their tasks.

Complete Guide to use Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuum cleaners are cleaning machines that are attached with flexible hose and long wand. It has a more powerful motor that helps in excellent suction of dust and dirt from home. They are lightweight devices with wheels attached so can easily carry with you to the whole household cleaning. These are more convenient to use and are portable than the upright vacuum cleaner. Flexibility is one of the best features of this canister vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuums are suitable for lightweight floors, carpeting and tiled floors for cleaning completely.

High Tech Filtration System

If you are having high-quality canister vacuum cleaner then it has 3 filtration steps includes chamber filter, vacuum bag, and exhaust filtration system. The chamber filter is located inside the machine that is at the back of the vacuum bag and in front of the motor. Good brands of canister vacuum cleaner have synthetic cloth bags. In order to make your canister vacuum function properly always keep internal filter free from dragging of detritus and dirt. If you drag the filter, the flow of air will be restricted and can obstruct suction performance and even can cause damage to the motor of the vacuum. Exhaust Filter is a HEPA filtration system which provides you with 99.9% dust and allergens free air. Best canister vacuum cleaners have a completely sealed system that makes dirt and detritus release back to air.

Powerful and controlled suction

The best canister vacuum cleaner has powerful suction and you can even control the power of suction according to the type of surface you are cleaning. Suction controls are mostly located at the handle of cleaners so that it will be convenient for the user to control.


One of the major features of the canister vacuum is its compact design and is portable. Usually, a full-size weighs between 16-26 pounds. Before purchasing check the weight of the device.

Ease of storage

As they are lightweight and compact, canister vacuums are easy to store when compared to other full sizes upright vacuum. All the parts and attachments are held inside the machine so no additional space is required.

Ease of maneuvering

Canister Vacuum is easy to move and most of the better cleaners come with wheels which are located under the body of cleaner that makes cleaning more convenient.

Guidelines to Start Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums are known for increased versatility, convenience, reliability, and mobility. There are many different models, sizes and styles are available in the market with many advanced features, and the price these machines varies. These lightweight machines are not so difficult to use provided you should follow some guidelines for starting and tips to use a canister vacuum cleaner. Almost all the cleaners have similar basic functionality and for any other further details refer to the instructions in the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Tips before startingGuidelines to Start Canister Vacuum image

  • Before you start using the device go through the user manual of canister vacuums
  • In order to use it effectively, the foremost thing is you require knowing about all the parts and features of canister vacuum
  • Pay attention to assembly instructions and be sure that all the components of the device are fixed properly in a place before switching on the canister. If you fail to accumulate properly and switch on the canister then it may lead to electric shock
  • Make the power switch is off before plugging in the canister.

Instructions to begin

  • Pull the vacuum cord out up to the length until it is suitable for your cleaning task.
  • To reduce the electric shock, make sure that your plug is polarized.
  • Plug the cord of vacuum in an outlet near to the cleaning surface.
  • Decrease the wand with the help of handle release feature.
  • According to your requirement set the height. Generally, most of the canister vacuums have a pedal with which you can be able to set the proper height for cleaning.
  • Depending on the type of surface you need to clean, set the appropriate option.
  • Switch on and start using. Usage is simple and easy.

Tips to use Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Do not try to use damaged appliances.
  • Before start using check the voltage rating. Plug-in to only AC outlets, ever do not try using DC outlets. Incorrect supply of voltage may result in a dangerous incident which may cause injury to both user and damage to the vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not operate a vacuum with wet hands when the cord is plugged in.
  • If the power cord damaged or accidentally fell in the water, then do not use the cleaner.
  • Keep the appliances out of children and pets at your home.
  • Unplug the vacuum after completion of cleaning. Do not leave it plugged in.
  • Never try to pull the canister by a cord.
  • Do not clean the substances which are burning.
  • Do not run over the cord
  • Try to keep the cord away from sharp corners or some heated surfaces.
  • Use the canister and its attachments for the purposes mentioned in the manual.

Following the above tips to use canister vacuum and guidelines for starting will help you to ensure the longer lifetime, effective use and safe in using a vacuum for cleaning purpose.

Using canister vacuum to clean hardwood floor and carpets will work much better and quicker than any other vacuum cleaners. Best cleaners work very well on hard flooring whether at the workplace or at home. They work effectively on area rugs, carpets, stairs, and draperies. The attachments that come with these cleaners are the great choice for cleaning hangings, drapes and it is not necessary to lift heavy machine to reach high places. Visit our portal regularly for more useful info on Canister Vacuums.

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