Hoover SH40070 Bagless Canister Vacuum – Get the perfect clean with just a touch of a button!

Hoover SH40070 Review 2023

Hoover Wind tunnel bagless canister vacuum SH40070 is a mid-sized model from Hoover with the latest wind tunnel 3 technology to help you keep your house clean. It has a 12 amp powerful motor to deliver good suction power to the vacuum cleaner. There is a motorized brush that can be turned on/off according to your requirements. There are foot controls for Hoover Sh40070 Air Canister Bagless Vacuum with an auto rewinding option. A switch for motorized brush is located at the handle for easy maneuverability. Hoover Sh40070 Review is all about its amazing features and how to maintain it. Make sure to check it before you make a choice.

Hoover SH40070 Windtunnel Air Bagless Canister Vacuum

HOOVER SH40070 comes with three brushes for cleaning house, such as extension wand, 3 in 1 tool, and crevice tool. You can reach a height of 11 feet above floor using upholstery tools and clean fabrics. foot cord length is 17 feet, and it is enough to clean a room completely with a single plugin. Hoover SH40070 Windtunnel Air Bagless Canister Vacuum HEPA filter entraps dirt, and a dirt cup is present at bottom for easy open and release. As the HEPA filter and main foam filter are present. This complete Hoover SH40070 review show that it is a good choice for medium houses, and the Best Hoover Vacuum Canister comes with 3 years of warranty.


  • Motor
  • Bare floor and carpet performance
  • Filter clean up
  • Warranty
  • Additional accessories
  • Filtration system
  • Cord length
  • Maneuverability

1. Motor

Hoover Sh40070 Wind tunnel Air Bagless Canister vacuum uses 12 Amp motor for better suction and cleaning all types of floors. It is excellent to suck dirt from carpets and bare floors. There is a motorized brush that can be turned on and off based on requirement. If you have an expensive hardwood floor and need a cleaner, then this is for you. You can use foot control to turn on the Hoover Sh40070 Bagless Caniste Vacuum and also for rewinding coils. a motorized brush switch is present on the handle.

2. Bare floor and carpet performance

It has a separate hard floor brush attachment to clean the floor. The second option is soft bristles that are best used in a dusty area. A motorized brush is much suitable for cleaning tile and hardwood floors. swivel technology improves maneuverability of vacuum cleaners.

motorized brush can clean carpets well with wind tunnel technology. Low and medium-pile carpets can be cleaned to perfection with this vacuum cleaner.

3. Filter clean up

There are two filters to clean. HEPA filter and foam filter. A foam filter is a main filter that is washable and needs cleaning once every two months. the filter should be dried completely before inserting it inside the vacuum. HEPA filters cannot be washed, but we can clean by tapping the filter on a bin. We can repeat this process every two months.

4. Additional accessories

There are multiple attachments in Hoover sh40070 bagless canister vacuum cleaner to make cleaning a breeze for you. As there are three major accessories like telescopic extension wand, hard floor brush, and 3-in -1 tool. These tools help you to manage your cleaning effectively and efficiently.

5. Filtration system

HEPA filtration system is present in Hoover SH40070 Corded canister vacuum cleaner. It is one of the common air purifiers present in almost all air purifiers. They are used to maintain high standards of cleaning as it can remove dust as small as 10 ^-6 m. This feature enables them to remove almost all types of bacteria from air and trap some viruses into filters. It removes 99.97% of particles that are not more than 0.3 microns.

6. Cord length

Hoover sh40070 corded canister vacuum will steer easily throughout your house. By twisting the handle, you can turn the direction of the vacuum cleaner, and cord length is 17- foot long. Being a corded one, it restricts your distance of cleaning. But yet 17-foot long is not a big issue. You need an extension cable to complete one room.

7. Maneuverability

Hoover vacuum wind tunnel for sale has attracted many customers towards it because of its versatility and maneuverability. It can be steered around the house easily with a handle, and the product contains a 17 –foot long cord to support cleaning of the house. This Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum also has an auto- rewind option to help you save time and prevent you from tripping over anything. It measures only 12.2 “ x 15.5” x 21.8” in dimensions and can be stored anywhere with ease. The weight of the Hoover Windtunnel Canister is only 13.2 lbs for easy maneuvering. Yes, Hoover Vacuum Windtunnel For Sale is on live on amazon, just click to buy it.



  • Manufacturer : Hoover
  • Item model number : SH40075
  • Product dimensions : 12.2 x 15.5x 21.8 inches
  • Item weight : 13.2 pounds
  • Dirt Capacity : 1.98 liters.
  • Filter Type : HEPA + washable foam filter
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
  • Warranty : 3 years.



To disassemble Hoover SH40070-

1. You need first to unplug it.
2. Now you have to separate the base from the rotator.
3. You should also separate the hose and the pump.
4. Finally, you can unscrew the machine and remove the Canister, filter, bin, and other parts.


The Hoover SH40070 would cost around $136. Here you get so many options that you can utilize, and there are many numbers of attachments that can help you.


Yes, the Hoover SH40070 vacuum does come with a 12 amp motor. It has a nozzle that is wide and helps in the suction. It has a motorized head for the carpets.


The weight of Hoover SH40070 Vacuum Cleaner is approximately 22.4 lbs. The prices are reasonable. The machine is powered by the wind tunnel 3 Technology, where you get a lightweight air Canister.


Hoover wind tunnel canister vacuum cleaner contains wind tunnel 3 technology to create three channels of suction to remove dirt embedded in it with excellent surface clean. Best hoover vacuum canister has a multi-cyclonic pass with two cyclonic stages to filter debris and dirt from paths with high suction power. A Hoover Windtunnel Canister Vacuum can be steered, and it navigates smoothly around the house and reminds automatically. accessories included with this vacuum canister are extension ward, hard floor brush, and a 3 in 1 tool. Fillers inside the canister can be reused by washing it in running water regularly. Hoover Sh40070 Air Canister Bagless Vacuum has a HEPA filter to remove bacteria and dirt from the house. Overall this is one of important buys for your house.

Hoover SH40070 WindTunnel Air Bagless Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner image

Like other products, Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum will also vlog and stop functioning temporarily. Every vacuum cleaner clogs if you have pets in your house and do regular cleaning. Clogs are caused when hairs of pets and humans get jammed in the filter and reduce suction power of the Hoover Sh40070 Bagless Caniste Vacuum. It is a bagless canister vacuum and much suitable for everyday cleaning.


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