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Best Canister Vacuum: Top 10 Hoover Canister Vac for Sale 2019


Cleaning house at least once in a week is compulsory to maintain the appearance of our home. For that, all we need is a vacuum cleaner. Hoover Canister vacuum is one of the best vacuum cleaners. As of now, Canister vacuums have traditionally been ideal for hard surface floors such as tile, hardwood floors, stone etc. and low pile carpet or rugs. These vacuums put dirt in two ways, bagged or bagless. Bagless vacuums use Cyclonic technology to keep the filter clean. Both bagged, and bagless canister vacuums can have HEPA filtration to prevent what you are vacuuming from getting in the air you breath. All Canister Vacuums possess power settings that can make their canisters quieter than other vacuums. Below are the top rated Hoover Canister vacuums listed with top features, and Specifications. Lets us know more about this Hoover by looking at this Canister Vacuum reviews 2019.

Hoover Canister Vacuum Reviews 2019

With the help of this Hoover Canister Vacuum, you can move easily from one room to another easily. The compact and lightweight Hoover vacuum cleaners make you carry it anywhere from upstairs to downstairs. With stretch hoses and suction nozzles of this Canister Vacuum, you can clean any surface or tight spots like upholstery, under furniture and drapes. Moreover, the manoeuvrability of Hoover Vacuums offers total control. Hence, we have presented some of the top rated vacuum cleaners from Hoover. Let us look into the Hoover reviews 2019.


Hoover CH30000 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover ch30000 Canister vacuum is extremely light in weight that we can carry it during cleaning by simply using the shoulder strap that comes with it. 8.3lbs weight of this top rated vacuum cleaner makes this a good choice for those who maintain daily cleaning. The Hoover CH30000 comes with compact design and easy storage capability without any trouble. Hoover ch30000 PortaPower is a commercial vacuum cleaner that can give prolong cleaning at a time. The Hoover ch30000 PortaPower portable, lightweight canister vacuum cleaner has a 2.2 horsepower motor that gives powerful suction to capture the dirt and dust even from a crowded area.  Hoover ch30000 canister’s attached long cord helps you to vacuum the larger place and even corner areas without unplugging from the power source.

Hoover ch30000

However, the only thing you need to do here is to change the dust bag as this canister vacuum comes with the washable and reusable bag system. The Hoover Ch30000 Canister vacuum cleaner is a versatile vacuum that is available on the market. Because it has a good name for cleaning a wide range area and multiple floor-types, like tiles, Hardwood floor, concrete etc. This Hoover vacuum can remove cobwebs from the wall, dust the fine debris from furniture and cleans the car’s interior, and even window seals.  Moreover, the pet lover will be impressed after knowing that this Canister vacuum can clean the pet hair by picking up the large amounts of cat or dog hair from any surface.

  • Nice long power cord.
  • Strong Suction.
  • Shoulder strap and lightweight design.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Attachments work well.
  • Reusable cloth bag and a paper bag option.

  • Power cord lacks a swivel mechanism.
  • No storage for its attachments.


Hoover WindTunnel Canister SH40070

The Hoover SH40070 Canister Vacuum will make you believe that performance appears in all sizes. Powered by WindTunnel 3 Technology, the Hoover bagless canister vacuum is lightweight, versatile and steerable for all your multi-floor surfaces. The tool attachments and multi-floor power nozzle of this Hoover canister vacuum give you freedom and cleaning access. However, the WindTunnel 3 Technology of this Hoover SH40070 creates three channels of suction to clean the surface debris and deep down embedded dirt. Vacuums without WindTunnel Technology depends on only one channel of suction. Hoover Windtunnel air bagless canister vacuum has a Steerable technology that makes this canister navigate smoothly around furniture, corners and other obstacles. You can use this by simply twisting the handle in the direction you’d like to clean.

hoover sh40070

The Multi-Cyclonic air passes through twelve cyclones of this Hoover SH40070 to filter dirt and dust from the air path without any loss of suction. Electronic brush roll on/off of this Hoover Canister vacuum SH40070 moves from carpet to hard floors with a single touch of a button. Above floor cleaning option of this best rated vacuum cleaner can reach up to 11 ft. with wand and tool. The telescoping extension wand 3-in-1 tool, hard floor brush are some of the extra attachments of Hoover WindTunnel air bagless canister sh40070. HEPA media filter of this Hoover Windtunnel air bagless canister vacuum can trap 99.96% of dust and dirt. The Convenient bottom-release cup of this Hoover Canister vacuum SH40070 empty debris with the push of a button, hence avoiding your hands from getting dirty.

  • Easy to use.
  • Performs very well.
  • Great suction.
  • Sturdy.
  • Good for all surfaces.
  • Good size and lightweight.
  • Nice design.
  • Separate attachments.

  • Constantly plugs up.
  • The cord is too short.


Hoover SH40075 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Air Pro Canister SH40075 is a lightweight, manoeuvrable, bagless canister vacuum cleaner. This best Hoover Canister vacuum gives you the space you need to finish your cleaning faster with less emptying. With the help of this Hoover SH40075 Canister, you can navigate smoothly around furniture, corners and much more by simply turning the handle in the direction you would like to clean. You can also clean up, down and all around with the complete cleaning kit that comes with this Hoover air pro plus bagless vacuum which gives up to 11 feet of cleaning reach. The Hoover Canister Vacuum can filters dirt and debris from the air path with no loss of suction. You can easily alter from carpet to hard floors with a touch of a button of this Hoover SH40075.

Hoover SH40075

The best Hoover Canister Vacuum can hold more dust, dirt and debris hence making cleaning convenient.  You can navigate smoothly around corners, furniture and other obstacles by simply spinning the handle in your desired direction.  The Hoover air pro bagless canister vacuum sh40075 goes up to 11 feet from above the floor cleaning reach. Filters of this Canister Vacuum cleaners are made with HEPA Media that can trap up to 99.96% of dirt, dust, and debris down to 0.3 microns. You can empty out the dirt from this Hoover canister vacuum SH40075 with the push of a button, without getting your hands messy. Don’t forget to rinse the filter under running water for long lasting use. The main advantage of this Hoover Bagless Canister vacuum is its WindTunnel 3 Technology that creates three channels of suction.

  • Long Power Cord.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great Suction.
  • Cyclone Separator.

  • Noisy.
  • Poor Design.


Hoover SH30050 Vacuum Cleaner Canister

The Hoover Quiet Performance Bagged Canister Vacuum SH30050 delivers a quiet performance without reducing the power. It is now easier to clean dust with 5-speed suction control of this Hoover SH30050 that matches motor speed and suction of your cleaning task. The Multi-Floor Power Nozzle and Complete Accessory Pack of this Hoover Canister vacuum give you a versatile clean where an upright vacuum just can’t make. This Hoover bagged canister vacuum is designed for cleaning carpets, upholstery and also rugs. The Sound baffling design of this Hoover Vacuum canister allows for a quiet performance without making any noise. A steerable technology of this Canister vacuum allows you to swivel and turn around objects with a flick of the wrist.

Hoover Quiet Performance Bagged Canister Vacuum, SH30050

The Exclusive WindTunnel 3 Technology of this Hoover SH30050 vacuum creates three channels of suction to lift and remove most of the debris and deep down embedded dirt. Canister Vacuum cleaners without WindTunnel Technology depends on one channel of suction. The System check indicator that comes with this Hoover vacuum cleaner indicates when the risible filter needs to be cleaned or checked. The Above floor cleaning feature can reach up to 11 ft. of cleaning reach with wand and tool, telescoping expansion wand 3-in-1 tool hard floor brush. Hoover Canister vacuum has a HEPA media filter that can easily trap 99.95% of dirt and dust. Complete accessory pack for this Hoover air pro canister sh40075 includes dusting brush, crevice tool, telescoping extension wand and hard floor brush for detailed cleaning.

  • 5-speed suction control.
  • Automatic rewind.
  • Steerable technology.
  • Quiet performance.
  • Nice and fluffy.
  • Efficient.

  • Hose is made of Cheap plastic.
  • On/off button is not on the handle.


Hoover SH40100 Envy hush Canister

Hoover SH40100 Envy Hush Bagged Canister Vacuum brings powerful cleaning to a quiet level that everyone will desire. With hand tools that are combined with the handle and its telescoping extension wand of this Hoover SH40100, you can quietly and easily clean every surface in your house from floor to ceiling. A motorized brushroll that comes with this Hoover Canister vacuum can lift and remove embedded dirt and debris from carpeting. Meanwhile, the hard floor brush enables you to gently clean delicate floor surfaces. By using this Hoover envy hush – sh40100 cleanup is a snap with the cord rewind.

Hoover SH40100

Hoover envy hush bagged canister vacuum includes bag made with HEPA media. The HEPA media can collect dust with 99.97% accuracy. Hence you can clean and breathe easy. Therefore, you can get your home clean with this super silent machine. Because Hoover SH40100 canister vacuum makes low Noise and Full Power yet gives excellent cleaning. The Power Nozzle motorized brushroll of Hoover Envy Hush Canister removes implanted dirt from carpet. Adjustable Suction Control of this Hoover Vacuum canister SH40100 tailor the motor suction power to the surface you are vacuuming for optimal performance. Gently PRESS the foot pedal that is in the Hoover SH40100 vacuum to retract the cord that stores neatly inside.

  • Quiet Vacuum.
  • Impressive Power.
  • Great on Hard floors.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.

  • Bad Packing.
  • Limited one year warranty.

How to choose a Canister Vacuum?

Any home, especially those are having carpet throughout, should be equipped with the best vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming not only just help with the cleanliness but also help minimize the symptoms of allergy sufferers. Every time you empty your vacuum cleaner’s bin or bag and see everything your carpet has been collecting, you will be reminded of just how important your canister vacuum cleaner is to maintain a clean home. Hence, you should be careful while choosing a vacuum cleaner. Here are some important things to consider when you are buying a canister vacuum cleaner.

Things to Consider


For all of us, Price of the Vacuum cleaner is one of the main concerns. Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are a necessary appliance for every home, but it is not necessarily that every shopper is prepared to pay a lot of money on that. Vacuum cleaner prices can range anywhere from a low budget to a high-end canister vacuum that has all the whistles and bells.


All we want to make sure that whatever the vacuum cleaner you end up buying will serve all the desires you want. At the end of the day, preserving money will remain useless if you end up with a vacuum that cannot achieve what you need it too. If you buy a cheaper canister that may not handle picking up your pet’s hair or leaving your carpet without any deep clean, then was it worth buying at all? Just think about it and take a proper decision.Hence, just go through the features and specifications of the vacuum cleaner you choose before looking at the price.

Noise Level


We all very well know all the vacuums are loud. Some vacuum cleaners make much noise than other vacuum cleaners. No one likes the sound, but by giving exception to stick or robotic vacuums, it’s something you’ll likely have to deal with in most of the vacuum cleaners. Some canisters manage to produce less noise than others though. So, if you are very irritative to noise, you can look for vacuums that market themselves as being quieter than normal. Moreover, check the best vacuum cleaner reviews to see what other users say about the noise levels of their vacuums. When shopping around, don’t forget to check the decibel level listed above the canister vacuum. Hence, by looking at that, you can have a pretty good idea of what to expect in a vacuum cleaner with regards to noise.



Canister vacuums are useful for having greater reach than an upright vacuum cleaner. If you are staying in a home with lots of furniture, drapes, or other things that may be hard to get using an upright vacuum. Hence considering a canister vacuum will make it easy for you to clean all those tough areas without too much trouble. If you are planning on buying a vacuum cleaner canister, look for units that have attachments available to help increase your reach. There are many vacuums that offer extensions to help you clean those hard to reach areas of your home.

Weight and Size

Some vacuums especially a canister or upright vacuum cleaners can come heavy. If you hate carrying heavy tools or really don’t want to deal with lifting a heavy vacuum cleaner up the stairs, you should concentrate on the weight of each vacuum you consider. The weight of each vacuum cleaner will be listed within the details of the vacuum cleaner brands or listed on the side of the box if you are buying the best vacuum cleaner in a store.

Weight and size

This will help you decide that you can comfortably handle the vacuum or if its heavy weight will become an obstacle to use it. Weight often relates to size too. Nowadays,  most of us house that has limited storage space and a big, bulky vacuum cleaner. Hence, make sure the size of the vacuum will work with the amount of space you have and that the vacuum is a manageable weight before going for vacuum cleaner sale.

Why to Prefer Hoover?

Hoover is an American company that is specialized in manufacturing top rated vacuum cleaners. The company was established in 1907 and offers a guarantee of expertise in this field. In spite of the fact that Hoover is popular in the US, the best Hoover vacuum cleaners have become more popular in Ireland and UK too. Hoover is a home to a wide range of cleaning equipment solutions including both bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners, canisters and uprights. They also have stick vacuums, handhelds, hard floor cleaners, and also carpet cleaners.

Hoover canister vacuum

There are several options on Hoover vacuum cleaners that you can choose the best one among them. Choosing the right one may be somewhat difficult because most of the features are similar, and even considered as a standard by the Hoover. We know how difficult it can be to make a decision at this point. Hence, to help you out accordingly, we have given Hoover Vacuum reviews, listing the best rated vacuum cleaners. So, take a closer look at the features, advantages and disadvantages offered by each canister vacuum, and make a proper decision from there.

After reading these canister vacuum reviews 2019 from Hoover, you now have a better hold of your possible options. As a brand that is known for more than a century, you can have the assurance of quality and a guarantee of performance. Regardless of the Hoover canister vacuum cleaner that you will prefer, you can make sure that it will give you the best results beyond your expectations.


Whether you are looking for a Hoover vacuum cleaner that can do a general cleaning of your home or get rid of pet hair, you can definitely choose this. You can narrow down your choices, in order to make sure that you have the best canister vaccum that you are searching for. The WindTunnel 3 is the best feature in a vacuum cleaner for those with animals in the house. If you are looking to get your hard floors and carpets sparkling clean, Hoover Canister Vacuum is the choice. Stay in touch with us to get all the latest and top rated canister vacuum cleaner reviews. Thank You!! Happy Shopping!!!

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