Eyevac Pro Touchless Canister Vacuum – Powerful Bagless Vacuum Cleaner in Budget!

Eyevac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum Review 2023

It is a hard job to make sure our homes stay clean at all times. No matter what appliances you use or what process you follow, something or other stays behind to annoy you. Time is another constraint that comes with all this, with busy lives we don’t have time to spend on cleaning. Despite everything, our home is a place that is inhabited by our kids, pets, and everything else, so we just can’t skip the cleaning part. There is a way of solving this problem, which is buying a touchless vacuum cleaner. Make sure to refer this Eyevac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum Review, with Pros and Cons before buying one for home.

Eyevac Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum

Good touchless vacuum cleaners will take in any sort of dust that comes in contact with their sensors. It will not be able to clean your house thoroughly like any bigger vacuum cleaner would be able to. The benefit of having a touchless vacuum is simply that. You won’t have to deal with those specks of dirt that keep showing up or ones left behind after cleaning. They are more like automatic dustpans as you can sweep dirt in front of them so that they suck it all up. One of best touchless vacuum cleaners is Eyevac Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum with an eco-friendly and highly efficient design. You can fulfill your desire to keep your floors clean at every point in time with help of such a vacuum cleaner.


  • Powerful suction
  • Bagless canister
  • Touchless activation
  • High-efficiency filtration
  • Eco-friendly system
  • Portable design

1. Powerful suction

Eye Vac PRO Bagless Canister Vacuum has been built with a very powerful vacuum that couples with cyclonic action to give you well-cleaned floors. The reason for such power is also its 1400-watt motor, which helps remove all sorts of dust, hair, and debris instantly. Unlike normal mops and vacuums we use, this one won’t leave any dirt lines behind. Eyevac PRO Touchless Caanister Vacuum has already proven itself as a very effective appliance for the beauty industry because cleaning up hair is a piece of cake for it. Usual laborious tasks of bending down and picking up dust are not needed if you have Eyevac pro. With its powerful design, no bit of dust is left behind.

2. Bagless canister

Unlike most vacuum cleaners you will find, Eyevac Professional Canister Vacuum has a bagless canister design that has sufficient space to hold dust and debris. You get almost 5 liters of capacity, which gives you flexibility to use vacuum for a longer period. There is no need to buy collection bags as well, every time you pick up vacuum to do cleaning. Overall trips that you will make to the trash can to empty bags of vacuum are reduced extremely. There are indicators present to let you know when the container is full, and with a simple outward tilt, you can empty the canister attached to the vacuum.

3. Touchless activation

You will much appreciate simple design and easy start-up of Eyevac PRO Touchless Canister Vacuum. There are infrared sensors that take care of activation of the functioning of vacuum. You can switch it to ‘always on’ mode, and it will do its job the whole day without intervention required from your side. As soon as infrared detects dust or debris, it will be all sucked into vacuum. If you want different settings, it is possible to alter them with the help of a knob.

4. High-efficiency filtration

Without a good filtration system, no vacuum will be as successful as it could be with it. Because of these filters, air around space where vacuum is being used will remain clean too. Anything that comes in way of Eyevac PRO Touchless Canister Vacuum will be collected and filtered through system. This efficient system makes vacuum a good usable product in normal houses as well and not just salons.

5. Eco-friendly system

Many Customers say in the Eyevac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum Review, about the filtration system. It is combined with the rest of components of Eyevac Professional Canister Vacuum, has been designed to project out clean air in return. You won’t be just cleaning up dirt and dust, but purifying air inside your home. high-efficiency HEPA filters, return clean air to the environment inside, so you can break easily and better.

6. Portable design

It is a small size of Eyevac PRO Bagless Canister Vacuum, which makes it suitable for so many spaces. Be it offices, homes, or salons. Any place can be kept well maintained with help of this Best Portable Canister Vacuum. It has been designed to be a stationary vacuum, so you can put a small appliance in one corner and let it just do its job. It can have different placements every day, depending on where you want it to clean up.



  • Manufacturer : EYE-VAC
  • Model no : 9801371
  • Dimensions : 13 x 7.5 x 20.5 inches
  • Weight : 14 pounds
  • Volume : 6200 Milliliters
  • Wattage : 1400 watts
  • Specific Uses For Product : Hard Floor
  • Warranty Description : 1-year, ltd.



In the package, you will get two filters which will both be installed at same time. They are washable so you won’t need spares for a long time. When you do, you can easily buy a pair.


You will only hear minimal sound when vacuum is picking up dust or when suction is on. Otherwise, it remains silent.


Anywhere in the room, on the floor, would be a good place for a stationary vacuum to stand.


A stationary vacuum like Eyevac Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum is one of most convenient ways to tackle dust around the house or deal with pet hair etc. This Eyevac Professional Canister Vacuum will deal with all sorts of dust and debris as they come to it. It has filters that are designed to remove harmful particles from air entirely, which is and add on that most vacuums don’t offer. You wouldn’t even need to bend down like in usual cases to pick up collected dust, just sweep it in front of the vacuum and consider it gone. The advantage here is that this Eyevac Pro Canister Vacuum doesn’t just function on its own, but it also facilitates cleaning you usually do. The balance of time spent on cleaning and how well clean up is done is very well maintained within the design of Eyevac pro. It’s all about Eyevac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum Review, hope you like it, share your experience with us in comment Section.

EyeVac 9801371 PRO Touchless Stationary Bag Less Canister Vacuum Cleaner image

With a powerful suction power backing its function and a highly efficient filtration system, there is not much that this Eyevac Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum can’t do. You can simply switch it on and place it accordingly. infrared sensors will automatically turn on and start cyclonic suction to help vacuum cleaner up. a dual filtration system will work through this cyclonic suction to remove any particles in air. All that is collected will be stored in a canister, which you can empty later. The design of it is extremely simple to help you clean efficiently.


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