EyeVac Home Professional Clean Touchless Stationary Vacuum – Must have Bagless Canister Vac for Home

EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum Review (2023)

Eye Vac Home Touchless Vacuum EVH-B is specially programmed for households with a dual high-efficiency filtration system. With high suction power with 1000-watts, which can clear any debris substance instantly. You can use this Eyevac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum in two modes manual or Automatically. Its infrared sensor technology amazes us to find the nearby dirt particles and done an extraordinary cleaning job. Its canister fits for any hard, tile, concrete, or laminated floor and it removes sand, hair, food and any debris particles through its robust suction process. After the cleanup, you can easily empty the canister with a touch.

The touchless vacuum prevents pets and kids away from the appliance through its startling alert. In the present world of capturing moments and time-saving which uses instant coffee maker to Instagram, the EyeVac vacuum is a must needed canister instant- vacuum cleaner in every home. This Pet Touchless Vacuum Cleaner Eyevac is a modern and automatized high efficient Vac, similar to the usual dustpan. Yet, anti-allergic, easy, and 100% dust-free vacuum cleaner. What are you waiting for? Just refer Eyevac Home Touchless Vacuum Review to know all its features, pros and cons

Eyevac Home Touchless Sensor Activated Vacuum Features

  • Powerful Cyclonic Suction
  • High-Efficiency Dual Filters
  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning
  • Perfect for Pet Owners and Parents
  • Touchless Activation
  • Lightweight and Maneuverability
  • Anti-Allergen Technology
  • Quick and Easy Empty Dirt Cup
  • Performance Level

1. Powerful Cyclonic Suction

Vacuum cleaners are specially designed for their suction power, replacing the usual broomstick and dustpan which fail to sweep all the waste. Sometimes, we are unable to see the dirt or minute specks of dust in every nook. Anyone who struggles with hair fall knows how irritating it is to clean every hair debris. Not everyone likes to completely clear out all the nauseating food splits and pet hairs, but everyone loves to smell good air and clean floors.

Eye Vac Touchless Vacuum is manufactured considering all these usual yet, unavoidable practical problems and is designed with a robust suction power of 1000 watts. This Most Powerful Canister Vacuum instantly sucks up all the waste as we sweep trash directly to the Eye Vac. As it never leaves any debris nearby and blinks if any debris waste is around the sensor /inlet area.

2. High-Efficiency Dual Filters

Eyevac Pet Touchless Vacuum Cleaner has a cyclonic filtration system, with a pre-motor filter, exhaust, and vent filter. The powerful motor filters any waste and dump it into the canister, leaving out fresh air in the home to breathe easily (HEPA).

The filters are easy to clean and can do water wash, only after going through the user manual. This Best Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner can hold filtered wastes up to 1 gallon. It doesn’t need regular cleaning, but the consistent periodical cleaning would make the product last longer.

3. Automatic Cord Rewind

Over 4-5 foot length, the cord emerges out from the vacuum that can be plugged into an electric wall socket. The cord is automatically rewindable that plugged-in anywhere easily. Make sure all the lids are fixed properly and Switch On the Button. This Eyevac Home Touchless Sensor Activated Vacuum will automatically wound by itself without any intervention.

4. Multi-Surface Cleaning

Eye Vac Touchless Vacuum is always on and ready. It fits into any room with any floor. Just sweep up the mess, and the Eye Vac will do the rest. It programs effectively on any wood, tile, laminated, and concrete hard floors. The high powered auto vacuum canister takes in pet hair, screws, food, clutters, wood shavings, sand, nails, paper, and so on.

5. Perfect for Pet Owners and Parents

Eye Vac Professional Clean Vacuum is a must-buy home appliance for women rushing out to work, parents struggling with kids splitting food and throwing waste here and there, and pet lovers who can’t bear pet hair everywhere. Even hair-salons or waste-dumped areas need this Touchless Vacuum.

Price is affordable, and it is worthy of spending less than $100 for this super-fast instant Touchless Vacuum. The Eye Vac Touchless Vacuum is a perfect satisfier for perfectionists who are obsessed with cleanliness and neat environment.

6. Touchless Activation

Eye Vac Touchless Vacuum’s unique feature is its automation. When an automatic button is turned on, the infrared sensors start to detect wastes such as food, hair, and all types of dirt. It requires us to sweep wastes near its suction/ inlet area. It also has a manual option which can be used while cleaning and helps to cut down electric charges.

The automatic touchless activation system detects the dirt and debris in the surroundings of the vacuum effectively.

7. Lightweight and Maneuverability

Eye Vac follows its customers’ needs and desires and makes its product designs to adapt smartly to home decor. It is moderate in size, not requiring much home space. It is lightweight with 1 pound, and its maneuverability is relatively good. Its sleek-looking design is attractive.

Eye Vac Dual High-Efficiency Filtration Vacuum is advocated for health purposes with its outstanding maneuverability as compared to the regular broomsticks where the cleaning causes knee pains, and it will be a helping hand for elders.

8. Quick and Easy Empty Dirt Cup

This auto vacuum canister is user friendly and doesn’t need many regulations. The canister should be installed properly. All the other processes are done with just a button click. It impresses customers with not only its mighty suction power, bagless and storage capacity but also with its quick and easily emptiable dirt cup.

The canister with dirt can be emptied quickly once it is full and doesn’t require much energy to get it cleaned every time. However, it can be washed after 3 to 4 canister dumps or when it indicates.

9. Performance Level

Usually, vacuums are known for their sounds too. As is the same case in the Eye Vac but users match it with its quality performance. It is economically comparative to other vacuums. Eye Vac programmed its vacuum for residual as well as for professional purposes.

Eye Vac is Professional Cleaner is a boon for people who are struggling with kids’ mess and pet hair. It is the best appliance suiting the home decor and best canister vacuum under $100. For working and elderly people, it would be the best timesaver cleaning device and satisfies health issues too. This Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair is a must-have home appliance for parents, pet lovers, working partners, and elders.


Eyevac Pet Touchless Canister Vacuum Specs

  • Brand: Eyevac
  • Model: Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 7″ x 18″
  • Canister Capacity: 1 gallon( 3.8 liters)
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs
  • Motor Power:1000 Watts
  • Specific uses of the product: Floor
  • Voltage : 120v (US plug)
  • Warranty: 1 year


Will Eye Vac EVH-B Canister Vacuum pick up the dog or cat kibble?

Of course, yes. It can pick up cat’s or dog’s kibble, and pet hair clearly without any left-outs.

Does Eye Vac EVH-B Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum model have a washable/reusable filter?

Yes. The dual filters can be carefully removed from the lid and washed using soap and warm water. It needs to be dried up and then installed. However, it can be washed after 3 to 4 canister dumps or when it indicates. As it has a bagless feature, once the touchless vacuum alerts the canister is full, we can empty it to the trash and wash.

How is this Eye Vac Home Touchless Vacuum EVH-B powered? Is there a cord? How long is the cord?

Eyevac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum is an electric type that has a cord attached to it. You can connect it to the plug and start working. The cord length is 4 feet.

What are the dimensions of Eye Vac Home Touchless Canister Vacuum EVH-B?

The Eyevac Touchless Vacuum Cleaner is 15.35 x 9.65 x 20.08 inches that weighs around 1 pound with its dual filtration system and canister.

How does this Eye-Vac Home Touchless Vacuum handle cat litter?

Eyevac Pet Touchless Canister Vacuum sucks cat litter and filters it effectively. It has the power capacity to filter any wastes including tiny wood, food, and dust particles.


People usually complain about things like incomplete cleaning. Now, this Eyevac Touchless Vacuum Cleaner makes cleaning fun, super-fast, and serves a pleasant home. Eyevac Home Touchless Sensor Activated Vacuum ultimately saves massive time and energy. It crushes any paper, wood particles, food waste, and leaves out clean air. It never failed to attract its customers with unique services.

This Best Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner sweeps out debris, food, paper, sand, pet hair, wood wastes to the inlet area, and the infrared sensor indicates even missed debris. It is reusable and washable. The best canister vacuum under $100 satisfies all the requirements.

EyeVac EVH-B Home Touchless Stationary Tuxedo Black Corded Bagless Vacuum image

EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum EVH-B is a trendy electric vacuum with its sleek look. Eye Vac ‘Home’ attracts us with its unique features such as fast and powerful suction, dual filtering system, corded, bagless, and automatic touchless vacuum.


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