EyeVac Pro and EyeVac Pet Stationary Vacuums

EyeVac Pro and EyeVac Pet are both stationary vacuum cleaners. They have a built-in motor for sucking dirt and dust but you have to sweep the dirt with a broom into the dustpan of the vacuum cleaner. This is a perfect choice for those who do not like upright traditional vacuum cleaners. Stationary vacuum cleaners are easy to manage and handle as they are small and light. In this Eye Vac Pro Vs Pet review, we are going to compare two stationary vacuum cleaners EyeVac pro and EyeVac pet. Though they are of the same brand and have certainly the most common features. However, there are some points of difference between them both which will be covered in this guide.

Eye Vac Pro Vs Pet Comparison Table

EyeVac 9801371 PRO Touchless Stationary Bag-Less Canister Vacuum Cleaner imageEyeVac EVPRO-PW Pet -Touchless Bagless Stationary Vacuum image
Basics of ComparisonEyeVac Pro 1400 Touchless Stationary VacuumEyeVac Pet EVPRO-PW Touchless Stationary Vacuum
Dimension13 x 7.5 x 20.5 Inches9 x 13.5 x 21 Inches
Weight14 Pounds14 Pounds
Power SourceCordedCorded
Power Specification120 V120 V
Tank Size4.8 Liter4.8 Liter
SurfaceHard FloorHard Floor
Dust CollectionBaglessBagless
Full Bag IndicatorYesYes
Automatic Cord RewindNoNo
Self-Cleaning Brush RollNoNo
Telescopic WandNoNo
Suction Power ControlNoNo
HEPA FilterNoNo
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Check PriceCheck Price

Differences Between EyeVac Pet and EyeVac Pro Professional Vacuum


Being from the same company both EyeVac pro and EyeVac pet is equipped with 1400 watts of motors. This is a very useful and quick motor which cleans most of your mess. Its motor supports a cyclonic suction system which enables your vacuum cleaner to suck all types of substances. The way the air is guided and directed makes it a lot easier for things like dirt and dust. With such powerful and efficient technology EyeVac pro and EyeVac pet can clean all your mess within very little time.

Filtration System

EyeVac Pro Touchless stationary vacuum is designed for commercial usage which means that along with their use at home you can also use them for your office purposes. While on the other hand EyeVac pet is specially designed for cleaning pet hairs. What makes EyeVac pet special for pets is its filtration system. The filtration system consists of two key filtration components.

These components filter out all the dirt, dust, and pet hair leaving you with clean and fresh air. Also, after usage, your vacuum is very clean and you can easily dispose of the dust your vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners do not have this type of filtration system which makes EyeVac pet a unique stationary vacuum cleaner.

Canister Capacity

Since EyeVac pro and EyeVac pet are both bagless, they come with a canister to store all your dirt, dust, and mess. The capacity of these bagless canister carpet cleaners is 4.8 liters. When the vacuum sucks up everything, it goes to the canister of the vacuum cleaner. Once the canister is full, you are indicated by the infrared sensor in the front. When you are finished with vacuuming, you will be identified as the capacity of the canister. You can easily take out the canister after cleaning. All you have to do is unplug the vacuum cleaner and detach the canister and dispose of what is inside the canister and then attach it again.


EyeVac pro and EyeVac pet are both suitable for hardwood floors. You can use them for cleaning various substances like dirt, dust, debris, pet mess, hair, soil, hair, food crumbs, along with various other materials but all on hardwood floors. The vacuum cleaners are not designed to support carpet cleaning. If you are using it for cleaning carpet cleaners or a rug, it is not going to work properly. The suction capacity and suction design are not suitable for all those surfaces.


One best thing about stationary carpet cleaners is that they are small in size and hence can be stored very easily. Neither they are to tool nor too wide or too heavy. EyeVac Pro and EyeVac pet can easily fit anywhere, even within a small cupboard. They have sleek and modern designs, so their appearance is a plus one with their easy storage. Unlike upright vacuum cleaners, you won’t have to worry about their storage space

Touchless Operation

Another great feature about EyeVac Pet stationary touchless vacuum and EyeVac is that they have a touchless operating system. The touchless operating system makes cleaning easier and quicker. There are not many stationary vacuum cleaners available in the market which provide touchless operation. By using this feature of EyeVac pro and EyeVac pet you can control them with ease and without making a lot of effort.


When you are making such a huge investment you always should look for the warranty of the product. Without the warranty, you have to pay the extra service or repairing charges for the product’s maintenance. They are not much, but subsequent payment might be a problem. Everything requires maintenance and so does the EyeVac pro and EyeVac pet. Both of them come with a limited 1-year warranty.


Being from the same brand, both EyeVac pro, and EyeVac pet have most of their features exactly similar. They are from the same batch and hence you cannot expect any major difference between them. As both of them have very powerful motors working on a capacity of 1400 watts. While reviewing Eye Vac Pro vs Pet analysis, both have double filtration system cleaning your house properly. These can be used for hardwood floors and to clean any type of dirt and dust. In our opinion, EyeVac pet is a better choice if your major purpose is to clean pet mess but if your purpose is general cleaning, the EyeVac pro will be a better choice for you. EyeVac pro is used for commercial purposes as well.

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