Eureka NEN110A WhirlWind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Designed for Multi-surface Cleaning!

Eureka NEN110A Review (2022)

Ever since quite a long time doing household chores and the job is not an easy nut to crack for everyone. With a broom in your hand and sweeping the floors and managing the kids is more challenging to manage. And if you are allergic to dust, then it calls for more precautions. But these factors are all gone now, thanks to the Eureka NEN110A vacuum cleaner which has replaced the brooms and floor brushes in many houses. There are many models available in the market, but the best is the one that meets all your specifications as per your house requirements. You need to figure out the one which gives you the desired output with minimum investment.

Eureka WhirlWind Vac NEN110A is one such model from this brand, which is the best affordable unit one could think of. It comes with a dirt cup rather than the other vacuums, which have a bag attached. The dirt cup can be easily detached and cleaned anytime. It works on multi-floors, and also on carpets, yielding good results. The filters can be washed at home. No external cost is to be incurred if appropriately maintained. If you are looking for a small portable model that is economical and pocket friendly, then here it is. Check out all the detailed features and specifications of this product in the below Eureka NEN110A review that are explained based on our personal experience.

Product Features

  • Compact Design and Light in Weight
  • Easy Maintenance with No Recurring Costs
  • Reusable Filtration System
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning
  • Cord Length
  • 2-in-1 Crevice Tool
  • Easy Usability

1. Compact Design and Light in Weight

The Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner provides very comfortable cleaning with its lightweight feature. With a plastic body weighing just 8 pounds and compact in shape, it provides easy mobility making cleaning from place to place easier and quicker.

This Eureka’s best canister vacuum for carpet compactness makes the small places even around the furniture, corners, and stairs easily accessible. As compared to other models, the Eureka bagless canister vacuum cleaner NEN110A is a lightweight canister vacuum cleaner. All the tools provided in the box are relatively easy to assemble and can be done with the manual guide’s help.

2. Easy Maintenance with No Recurring Cost

Eureka NEN110A is one of the best bagless canister vacuums. Owing to this bagless feature of the vacuum, it eliminates all the recurring costs, easing the product’s maintenance. The filters are usable and do not need any replacement if you maintain them properly.

A dirt cup is provided, which can be emptied anytime by merely pushing the button provided. It is also supplied with the line of indication for the dirt cup. This indicator makes the task of emptying the dirt cup easier. You don’t need to check it frequently. The sign of the line will automatically tell you when it requires cleaning.

3. Reusable Filtration System

This Eureka Canister Vacuum is provided with no complicated filters. It uses simple, reusable, and washable filters that trap large and small debris. It can be cleaned by washing it without getting torn. Also, the particles don’t choke the filter frequently. In simpler terms, it does not require rapid washing. The filters can even work for a year without getting replaced or damaged.

4. Multi-Surface Cleaning

Embedded with the multi-surface cleaning function, the Eureka Bagless WhirlWind Vacuum NEN110A turns out to be the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors. On bare floors, it gives excellent results in cleaning all the small and minute dust particles along with the pet hair. Even on low pile carpets, the results are promising.

But on high pile carpets, it might leave out some debris or the pet hair or keep struggling with large particles. This is due to the fact that the floor head lacks the air-driven beater brush. But the pure suction gives the best results on hardwood or bare floors.

5. Cord Length

One main feature of this Eureka vacuum canister that might leave the buyer in a dilemma is the model’s short cord length. The 16ft power cord length restricts the cleaning in one go. You may have to switch to different power supplies for cleaning different rooms or covering larger areas. The 4ft long hose pipe comes to the rescue of the product at this time. But the self-rolling feature of the product can leave you amazed.

The inconvenience due to the short cord length can be overlooked when the cord gets rolled into the canister storage on its own by just pushing the button.

6. 2-in-1 Crevice Tool

Eureka Canister Vacuum Cleaner NEN110A is provided with a 2-in-1 crevice and dusting tool. It is consolidated to the hose handle and can be easily switched with just the button’s click. This offers quicker access to switching between the crevice and the dusting tool when spot cleaning over the floor surfaces is required.

7. Easy Usability

Eureka WhirlWind vacuum cleaner also makes the workability easier since it is provided with large buttons on the canister unit. This aids in operating the device by the tap of the foot and preventing backache by bending again and again. Also, the washable filters, portability owing to the compact size, and the self-rolling cord are some of the features making it the best affordable canister vacuum.


Eureka Vacuum WhirlWind NEN110A Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Eureka
  • Model Number : Eureka NEN110A
  • Product Dimensions : 18.2 x 11 x 8.7 inches
  • Product Weight : 8 pound
  • Cord Length : 16ft
  • Dust Cup Capacity : 2.5 L
  • Type : Electric
  • Workability : Dual Action Surface
  • Warranty : 7-year warranty on motor and casing, and 1-year warranty on parts and labor.


How well does this Eureka Whirlwind Multi-Surface Vacuum work on mid and high carpet floors?

It shows excellent results by cleaning all the pet hair and small to large debris on mid carpet floors. Whereas, on the high carpet floors, the results might be a bit compromising as it might sometimes struggle with large-sized particles.

How much power watts is needed for this Eureka NEN110A Canister Vacuum?

A heavy 1200W motor of Eureka WhirlWind bagless canister cleaner NEN110A offers high-pressure suction for the small and large dust particles on the floor and pile carpets.

Are there any other attachments available for this Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Vacuum Cleaner?

As of now, there are no such attachments available for this vacuum cleaner, though it is provided with a 2-in-1 crevice and dusting tool, which can be easily replaced anytime.


Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best options compared to the price-quality ratio. With an affordable price to offer, it provides you with many features that make everyday cleaning work quicker and easier. It can be easily operated by applying minimal effort. Among all the other household tasks cleaning the house is a big challenge for many, and this product is the best-suited choice one could think of. The inconvenient house cleaning task can be done in a very smooth and easy-going manner.

Concluding this Eureka NEN110A review, it is the best one that comes with a canister, easily washable filters, and a dirt cup that caters for easy cleaning. The swivel wheel provides 360 degrees angle rotation, which helps in cleaning around the corners efficiently.

Eureka NEN110A WhirlWind Blue Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner image

Best canister vacuum cleaners on sale: There are no recurring costs as the filters are washable and don’t get clogged. The compact design and lightweight make it portable. The short length of the cord can be a drawback, but it comes with a rewind option, which saves time for rolling the cord. The multi-surface action provides mobility on floors and carpets. Overall, this is the best deal one could go for maximum output with minimum input.


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