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Dyson Dc23 Turbine Head Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2020

Canister Vacuum cleaners tend to excel in removing debris and dust from hard floor surfaces. Dyson Dc23 Turbine Head Canister Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best Canister Vacuum. Although most of the Vacuum Cleaner Canister available on the market today are capable of using on carpets. Canister vacuums Cleaners are generally easier to drag around your living space due to their small size. Moreover, if you own a pet or suffering from allergies, then just go with this Canister Vacuum Cleaners. Hence, Im here giving the best Dyson Vacuum reviews. Let us have a look!!

Dyson Dc23 Turbine Head Canister Vacuum Reviews

 Dyson DC23 Canister vacuums have a clear advantage over upright Vacuum Cleaners. The storage tank that comes with this DC23 vacuum that is used for the dust and the motor is on the ground. Dyson Canister Vacuum has a hose that attaches to the wand and brush bar extends from the canister.

hence, you need not push the entire unit over and over when you clean the carpet. The weight of holding the wand and Turbinehead brush of this Dyson DC23 is amazingly light and easy to use. When you sweep the floor, you simply pull the Vacuum Cleaner Canister along behind you. Another advantage of this Dyson DC23 vacuum is its unique design that allows it to rest on stairs hence you can clean the entire stairwell with ease.

The dust and debris that are collected using this Dc23 Dyson Vacuum are stored in a clear bagless chamber. This clear bin can collect almost a half-gallon of pet hair, dust or any other debris you suck up. Moreover, it is damn easy to disconnect and empty this bin. This Dyson Canister Vacuum also has a circular filter. One more important feature that comes with this Dyson DC23 Turbine Head is its push button retractable cord.

Dyson Vacuum provides tremendous suction, and the DC23  canister carries powerful cleaning punch. The level three root of this Dyson Canister Vacuum cyclone not only sucks up microscopic dust but also eject the dust back out. The air that comes out of the exhaust of this Dyson Dc23 through the washable lifetime HEPA filter is amazingly dust free


  • Performance
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Asthma and Allergy Friendly
  • Other Features

Dyson DC23 TurbineHead Canister Vacuum uses Level 3 Root Cyclone technology to give powerful and consistent suction. Though it is compact, it performs very well. Also, this advanced technology makes sure that there is no loss of suction or no clogging in the unit. This automatically maintains efficient and thorough cleaning. So, if you want to get a compact canister vacuum with better performance, you can go for this.

This Dyson DC23 comes with Air-driven TurbineHead brush bar which is perfect for cleaning small and medium-pile carpets. As you clean, it rolls around the carpet smoothly with the help of small wheels and a swivel head. From small particles to large particles it can clean anything perfectly on the carpet with just a few passes. For larger pieces, you just need to lift up the head of the brush. For hard floors, you can turn it off.

Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum comes with the Lifetime HEPA filter with Bactisafe screen which helps to suck up and kill the bacteria or allergens or mold. That is why this unit is Certified as asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Also, compared to common breathing air, this DC23 expels air which contains upto 150 times fewer bacteria and mold.

  • Powerful Dyson Root Cyclone Technology.
  • Lifetime HEPA Filter.
  • Turbine Head brush bar.
  • 21 Foot Cord.
  • Lightweight 19.5 Pounds.
  • Canister vacuum designed for easy stair cleaning.
  • Adjustable Height Long reach wand.
  • Five foot Hose.
  • Crevice tools for nooks and crannies.
  • Brush tool for Cleaning furniture.
  • Limited Five year warranty from Dyson.
  • Lifetime guaranteed washable HEPA filter.


Specification Name Value
Dyson, Inc.
Item model number
Product Dimensions
13.6 x 23.9 x 15.9 inches
Item Weight
25 pounds
5-year warranty

Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum Highlights

  • The main component of this Dyson DC23 is the motor housing which is made entirely of Grey plastic.
  • Hepa filter of this Dyson DC23 Turbine head is in the form a blue plug and it need not be replaced.
  • The housing of this Dyson Canister Vacuum has two large wheels and storage for 3 different tools like crevice, brush and stairs.
  • The cord stores inside the housing of this Dyson DC23 is very easy to use. Just pull out what you need and then press the button to automatically pull it back in when you’re done.
  • Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum has a flexible hose that snaps into the motor housing and can be hidden around for storage.
  • Sweeping carpets is easy with this Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum to swivel carpet bar attachment as it can extend upto 3 feet or so under beds or tables.
  • Swapping the hand tools in and out of this Dyson Canister vacuum is pretty easy and they go well with the swivel handle.
  • To empty the dirt from this Dyson Dc23 Turbine Head, you just extract canister, hold it over and press the Red level that is on the top.
  • If you are cleaning up on a rug, and the rug gets elevated off the floor from the suction, just pull the trigger to release the rug.
  • Finally, if you transit from carpeting to hard floors, what you need to do is to turn off the canister, lift up the Turbinehead, and then push in the red tab in order to shut the brush bar off.
  • The noise that comes out of this Dyson DC23 was between 75 and 80 decibels. It is a bit higher when the brush bar is spinning.


Dyson is a British company established by James Dyson in the year 1987. now, in total, there are Dyson Machines in over 65 countries throughout the world. The brand new Company has grown from one single man with one idea leading to a technology company with almost 1000 employees worldwide. Dyson has an ever-growing team of scientists and engineers with more inventions and more ideas. Dyson designs and manufactures household appliances such as hand Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Bladeless fans, Hair Dryers, Asthma and Allergy accessories etc.


  • Lifetime HEPA filter
  • Telescopic Wrap System
  • 5-year warranty
  • Excellent suction power


  • Excellent suction power
  • Turbinehead air powered brush bar
  • Long reach wand
  • Unique design perfect for stair cleaning
  • It can be used to clean cars or other tight spaces
  • Lightweight
  • Very Effective in removing dust and dirt from every corner


  • Expensive
  • Only designed for medium or short pile rugs

Bottom Line

The Dyson DC23 Turbine Head Canister Vacuum is designed to keep your carpets and hard floors dust free. You can also make sure your car and even stairs stay spotless with this Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum Cleaner. Don’t forget to follow the instructions given in the manual and wash the filter every three months. Hence, this Canister Vacuum stays operating effectively. Hope you all enjoyed these Dyson Vacuum reviews. Don’t forget to have a look at this before buying a Canister Vacuum. Stay in touch with us to get all the latest news on Canister Vacuums. Thank You!! Happy shopping!!!

The Dyson DC23 is a compact canister vacuum with level 3 root cyclone technology that gives consistent suction. The Air driven head brush is good for cleaning medium and short pile carpets. The LIfetime HEPA filter kills bacteria and allergens.

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