Bissell 2035M MultiClean Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum Cleaner – Will do any cleaning task with ease!

Bissell MultiClean 2035M Vacuum Cleaner Review 2023

There is no single home that can be found in today’s time, where vacuum cleaners are not being used to keep houses and cars neat and clean. As it can be understanding from name itself, a BISSELL PowerClean Wet and Dry Vacuum is a specialized appliance, which uses a powerful vacuum to extract all dirt and debris from a variety of mediums like floors, carpets, upholstery, furniture, car upholstery, both leather mattresses present in car, car seats, etc. Want to know more about it then check out complete Bissell MultiClean 2035M Vacuum cleaner Review to make a right choice.

Bissell MultiClean Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum Cleaner 2035M

Bissell Multicleaner wet/dry garage and auto vacuum cleaner is a canister style vacuum cleaner, which is capable of both dry and wet types of cleaning with equal ease and efficiency. It is equipped with a powerful 11-amp motor. This Bissell MultiClean Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum Cleaner is boasting a great suction capability, which can suck in every possible dirt and debris is present in floors, upholsteries, garage, porticos, etc. With a pretty big water tank of 6 gallons, cleaning a large space is also possible with a Bissell vacuum cleaner. With multiple attachments and specialized nozzle heads, this Bissell Commercial Canister vacuum cleaneris versatile and multifunctional in true sense. The 23 lit dust collecting bin is also pretty large for its size.


  • Powerful motor
  • Extra-large water tank capacity
  • Unique filtration system.
  • Versatile functioning
  • Separate blowing function
  • extra-large dirt collection cup
  • Compact and durable built

1. Powerful motor

The primary feature, which indicated quality and working capability of any appliance, including a vacuum cleaner, is motor capacity. Now, this Bissell 2035M Multi Clean wet/dry auto vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful 11-amp motor, which makes this appliance strong enough to handle any types of cleaning jobs with ease and efficiency. Now a powerful motor means a powerful suction capacity as well. And in case of this Bissell Multi Clean wet and dry vacuum, vacuum is so powerful that it can easily suck in any type of dirt and debris present along with dirty water as well.

2. Extra-large water tank capacity

As it is a dual-mode canister style vacuum cleaner, it is equipped with a water tank as well. In this style of vacuum cleaners, the water tank is home for soap water solution, which helps in thorough cleaning of designated areas. So, while cleaning a long stretch, it is not feasible for the user, refill the water tank now and then. So, a large capacity Bissell MultiClean Wet/Dry Vacuum is what is mandatory in any large capacity vacuum cleaner, including Bissell canister one. This Best Bissell vacuum cleaner consists of a whopping 6 gallon water tank, inside motor housing. Hence it is capable of handling cleaning of pretty large spaces with one full tank.

3. Unique filtration system

Another important feature, which determines the quality of any vacuum cleaner, is the type of filtration system being used in the appliance itself. Bissell Multiclean and clean auto vacuum cleaner consists of an extremely efficient dual filtration system, which with patented anti-Allergy Technology, can suck in even minute dirt and debris particles and all allergens present in the environment as well. A perfect filtration system for families where people are suffering from any type of Dust or mold allergies, with its in-built HEPA filters, all collected debris is trapped inside the machine as well. Hence after-vacuuming cleaning up also becomes easier with this unique filtration system.

4. Versatile functioning

Comprising 7 different auto tool kits, Bissell canister style vacuum cleaner is not only suitable for cleaning floors and houses but also strong enough to clean places like garages and even cars as well. a multipurpose tool kit consists of detailing tops with 3- different sizes and capacity, which not only helps to reach all those nooks and corners but also helps to inflate and deflate materials like air-mattresses etc. Other than these tools, there are also multi-surface floor tools, and large area tools are also included with this Best Bissell Canister vacuum for garage, which makes it more versatile and multipurpose by all means.

5. Separate blower function

We always think that vacuum cleaners only consist of powerful suctions, which helps to suck in all dirt and debris present in a house or its nearby spaces. But in case of Bissell MultiClean Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum Cleaner also comprises a separate blower function, which comes pretty handy in removing dry fall-out leaves and other large-size debris, especially in outdoor spaces. Not only cleaning garages, porches, or other outdoor areas, function is also helpful in inflating different materials like toys, mattresses, etc.

6. Large dirt collection cup

With a large size water tank, another important feature goes to any high capacity canister style vacuum cleaner, is the size of the dirt collection cup model. a bigger size, the user has to clean the cup less often. Bissell canister vacuum cleaner for the garage is equipped with a liter of dirt collection cup, which is undoubtedly one of largest in its category.

7. Compact and durable built

This BISSELL PowerClean Wet and Dry Vacuum from the house of Bissell is built keeping in mind convenience and comfort of users who are supposed to use it. Like any other generic canister style vacuum cleaner, it is also a bit heavyweight, but not that much, which makes it difficult to take up and down stairs for cleaning purposes. The included wheels on the canister part is also making it easier for users to move it around the floor as well. Along with these two features, another point that has to be mentioned is the long flexible connecting hose, which enables the user to cover a large radius of area while cleaning as well. Yes, this Best Bissell Vacuum for sale is Live on Amazon.



  • Manufacturer : Bissell
  • Model number : 2305M Multiclean wet/dry
  • Product dimension : 16 x 16 x 24.5 inches
  • Product weight : 16.1 pounds
  • Dirt cup capacity : 23 litres
  • Motor power : 11 amp
  • Water tank capacity : 6 gallons



Yes, you can always replace the filter in Bissell MultiClean 2035M Vacuum Cleaner with the HEPA filter. Hepa filters help a lot in reducing the dust and removing the allergens from your home. Some HEPA filters cannot be washed. So you have to be very careful while replacing it.


Now to conclude Bissell MultiClean 2035M Vacuum cleaner Review, it has to be mentioned that Bissell Multiclean wet/dry garage and auto vacuum cleaner is smart and powerful and also extremely versatile at same time. With so many diverse features, this Best Canister Vacuum cleaner for Garage is here to make every day cleaning an easy and fun-filled affair. Gets all sorts of positive feedback and great reviews from most of the customers. And with an extremely affordable price range.

Bissell 2035M MultiClean Wet or Dry Garage and Auto Red Vacuum Cleaner image

Now from design is of Bissell MultiClean Wet/Dry Vacuum which very compatable and easy to use. This BISSELL PowerClean 2035M Vacuum cleaner is a multi-function canister for those wanting professional results in their home cleaning. With its 6 Gallons of capacity, Bissell 2032 Canister Vacuum clean all messes even small dust particles. It is best suitable for Cars and Garages.


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