Great Canister Vacuums for Carpet – Works perfectly on Low, Medium & High-pile Carpets, Rugs

Great Canister Vacuums for Carpet - Works perfectly on Low, Medium & High-pile Carpets, Rugs

Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet

Cleaning a house is generally difficult. If the house has some pets, then it is bit more difficult. If some kids are added to the family, then cleaning becomes a really really tough job.  If the house is carpeted, then you need a perfect solution. The most cost effective, comfortable and perfect solution is to choose a canister vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuum cleaners are much better than normal vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners. They are more powerful, occupies less space and can perform cleaning like a breeze. There are bagless and bagged canister vacuum cleaners in the market.  I would suggest the use of bagless canister vacuums. The promising brands in the market are Eureka, Dyson ball, Miele, McCulloch and Dirt Devil. Today in our review let us look at some of the leading canister vacuum cleaners in the market, which have received more positive reviews in the year.

Canister vacuum cleaners are compact, powerful, silent, easier to handle and faster in operation compared to upright vacuums. When it arises to select canister or upright vacuum for carpet it is the canister vacuum cleaners which are mostly preferred nowadays. Upright vacuum cleaners are the traditional vacuum cleaners with the motor and the suction head placed in the same unit. In canister vacuums the cleaning nozzle is usually placed at the end of the wand and a hose links it to the vacuum device. Canister vacuums for carpets offers better flexibility and manoeuvrability for cleaning all types of surfaces and hard to reach areas and are more powerful than upright vacuums.

Canister vacuum cleaners provides a cleaner and allergen free atmosphere along with its high efficiency filtration system and makes the task of cleaning the carpets and rugs easier for you. In this article we have reviewed the best canister vacuums for carpet with the main features and performance parameters which are to be considered while buying a canister vacuum for carpet.

Top 10 Best Canister Vacuum for Carpets Review 2020

Eureka NEN110A canister bagless vacuum

Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless Lightweight Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner image
  • Good suction power
  • Suitable for stairs
  • Reusable and washable

Miele Classic C1 Limited Edition Canister Vacuum

Miele Classic C1 41BAN043USA Limited Edition Graphite Grey Canister Vacuum Cleaner image
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Rubberized wheel
  • Metal sole plate

McCulloch canister MC1375 steam vacuum

McCulloch MC1375 Black Canister Steam System Vacuum Cleaner image
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great maneuverability

Eureka’s models hold innovative designs for deep and complete clean. This is not an exceptional. This is an innovative multi- surface vacuum at your fingertips. There is integrated airflow system which can be controlled at the handle. There are three settings in this vacuum cleaner suitable for hard floors, carpets and upholstery.  It is light weight and can be carried to all part of the house for efficient cleaning. Weighing only 8 pounds, this canister carpet cleaner is easy to maneuver around the furniture and stairs. The dust container is huge with 3 L capacity.

  • Weighs 8 lbs

  • There are snap fit accessories

  • Reusable and washable components

  • Dust cup capacity is 3 L

  • Quick empty of the dust cup by the press of a button

  • Cyclone filtration system

  • Automatic cord rewinding

The filters are washable and require cleaning once in 3 months. The crevice tool is integrated into the hose handle so there is no fear of missing it. Similarly, we can remove the handle easily from the hose, to enable easy switching between dusting brush and crevice tool.  After cleaning, the coil rewinds automatically and saves your time. This is one of the best bagless canister vacuums for carpet. This is the best canister vacuum for hardwood and carpet.




  • Excellent for hard floors
  • Good suction power
  • Suitable for stairs
  • Quality of the material is good


  • Does not suit for rugs
  • The switch has some technical problem which the company must look in

Miele canister vacuum cleaner is the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet. The powerful vacuum cleaner with its light weight design allows you to easily clean smooth floors and low pile carpet. The 1200W Miele Made Vortex Motor provides high suction power to clean efficiently and increases the power efficiency to the selected level. The 6-setting Rotary Dial located on the vacuum allows you to adjust the suction power according to the surface to be vacuumed and is the best canister vacuum for pet hair on carpet. You can switch from hard floor to carpeting easily with the foot switch.

  • Lightweight

  • Optimum carpet care

  • Miele-Made Vortex Motor

  • Easy to use

The metal sole plate allows easier gliding over the surfaces and the wheels are rubberized to prevent scratches on the floor. The SBB Parquet-3 pure suction floorhead provides effortless cleaning of hardwood floors and the Miele AirClean filter system ensures maximum filtration. Dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool are also included in the package.




  • Vortex motor with good power efficiency
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Foot switch for switching from hardwood floor to carpeting
  • Miele AirClean filter system
  • SBB Parquet-3 pure suction floorhead
  • Rubberized wheel
  • Metal sole plate


  • Short cord length
  • Accessories are expensive
  • Less flexible hose

McCulloch is an on-demand steam vacuum cleaner with variable steam control up t0 58 psi pressure to remove the dirt and grease from the carpets and home. It has a three ponged plug for preventing you from electrical shock and fits in the wall in one way.  This canister carpet steam cleaner does a natural cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals. There are more than 20 accessories to provide variable steam for cleaning different floors.

  • Steam vacuum cleaner

  • Large tank for continuous cleaning – 48 oz

  • Delivers steam in 12 minutes

  • Can do continuous cleaning for 90 minutes

  • 20 accessories to clean the entire house

  • Variable steam control

  • Pressure level – 4 bar

The high steam rate is 31g / min and low steam rate is 15g / min. there is a large tank with 48 oz capacity to provide steam in 12 minutes and continuously deliver steam for 90 minutes. An insulated steam hose is present to deliver steam safely and reach all corners. There is an onboard storage to the accessories and use it when required. It has a long 18 foot power cord to clean the room without frequent plug off.  Use all the brushes with the canister, to get rid off all types of dirt from the house.




  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great maneuverability
  • Suitable for deep cleaning
  • Excellent cleaner for automobiles and greased houses


  • Some accessories broke off after few uses
  • There is no low water warning

There are six variable speed options in this canister and you can adjust the suction level and clean the floors. HEPA air filter is present inside the canister and it traps almost 99.7% of dirt, bacteria and dust from the air and keeps the environment clean and fresh. You can use electrobrush for intensive and deep cleaning, soft parquet brush for sensitive hard floors. The suction power of the device is 1200W which is high for cleaning all types of floors.  Miele’s high suction rate increases the cleaning power.

  • Electro + nozzle compact design

  • Vortex motor – very silent

  • Excellent suction with 6 settings

  • Five height adjustment

  • Wide Suction floor head

  • HEPA filter

  • Most trusted customer brand

The volume of the bag is pretty high as it can hold 3.5 L of dust.  Three soft parquet brushes come along with the vacuum and there is a telescopic wand to suck the dirt from narrow area.  We can have 6 variable speeds for cleaning with silent vortex motor. This is done by setting the dial on the vacuum. There is five- level height adjustment setting to the corners, ceiling and floor. Similarly you can set the intensity of cleaning the carpet. This is the best canister vacuum for high pile carpet.




  • Compact design
  • Wide suction inlet and good power suction for complete cleaning
  • Good cord length to move around
  • Automatic cord retraction


  • It shuts down frequently for many reasons

Hoover CH32008 vacuum is quieter with a noise power of 62dBA and cleans the surfaces without making any disturbing noises. The hush mode ensures silent operation with less disruption. The canister vacuum is light weight and portable with a weight of 10.75 lbs. It is very efficient in cleaning deeply trapped dirt from carpets, upholsteries and all other surfaces. Hoover hush tone canister vacuum is the best canister vacuum for hardwood and carpet.

  • Lightweight

  • Quiet operation - 62 dBL

  • Suction Power

  • HEPA Filter

The highly efficient HEPA filter traps 99.97% of dirt and other finer particles and pollens down to 0.3 microns. It has a large capacity of 9.5 quarts. The 50” long power cord provides easier access to clean more areas and you do not have to change the outlets frequently. The quick change cord lets you to replace only the extension cord when it is damaged and reduces the cost.




  • Hush mode operation with 62 dBA
  • Light weight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Best suction
  • HEPA filters
  • Large capacity
  • Long power cord
  • Quick change cord


  • Plastic construction
  • No vacuum bags
  • Loose power cord

Bissell zing bagless canister vacuum is a whole-home cleaning system ideal for multi surface cleaning. It is the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet. You can easily switch from carpet cleaning to hardwood surface with the flip of a switch. The 15 feet power cord length lets you to move around the vacuum cleaner to clean the whole room without any difficulty. As the vacuum cleaner is bagless you don’t have to clean or change the bags.

  • Multi-Surface Cleaning

  • Automatic Cord Rewind

  • Bagless Convenience

  • Air Flow Regulator

The high suction power and the cyclonic action of the vacuum cleaner provides an efficient cleaning of the carpets and other surfaces. It has a variable suction control to turn the suction down and you can even clean the fabrics. Bissell bagless canister vacuum incorporates triple stage filtration with dirt cup filters and post motor filter to capture fine dust particles. The package includes easy empty dirt cup, combination crevice tool/dusting brush, automatic cord rewind, air flow regulator.




  • Bagless design
  • Triple stage filtration
  • Long power cord
  • Powerful suction
  • Washable and reusable filters
  • Compact and portable


  • Canister fills quickly
  • Small and fragile wheels

Dyson ball multi floor cleaner is the latest addition from Dyson to suit all types of floor.  Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is designed to remove the maximum dirt from the floor with its Radial root cyclone technology. Airflow is present in the center of the assembly, for improved efficiency. This canister vacuum can preserve the air pressure and increase the suction to capture fine dusts.  It has turbine head and nylon bristles for removing the dirt from the carpet and to remove dust from the hard floors, you can use soft carbon fiber.

  • Radial root cyclone technology

  • Turbine head with nylon brushes

  • Trigger head with floor tool

  • Release the bin by the press of a button

  • HEPA filter

  • Easy to drag around the house

It also follows the bagless technology so there is no additional cost involved in this canister vacuum. This is the only turbine available in the market with a brush bar controlled at the handle, hence no bending. The dirt is released into the bin by the press of a button. Hassle free cleaning is possible. It picks up more dirt than other vacuum cleaners in the market with it nylon brush.




  • Canister is light in weight
  • Maneuverability
  • Easy to assemble


  • Material quality is not good
  • Gets clogged most of the time

Dirt Devil cyclonic canister vacuum cleaner SD4055B is a multi- power hard floor and carpet cleaner with many swipes. It has one touch cord winding option which is great for saving time. HEPA filtration system is present in this vacuum cleaner to trap 99.9% of dirt, bacteria and pollens with its 0.3 micron filter. It has crevice and brush to clean any surface. The dirt is entrapped through the cyclonic filtration system and the cleaning never forms any cloud above our head.

  • Cyclonic filtration system

  • Swivel steering for cleaning corners

  • Automatic cord rewinding

  • Bagless design

  • Contains Vacuum + Dust Floor tool

  • HEPA filter system

Vac + dust floor option is pretty good for capturing dust and cleaning all surfaces. The cord length is 20 feet and retracts quickly after hassle- free clean up.  It is a bagless designed vacuum cleaner with more promising words to the customer. The product comes with 2 years of limited warranty.




  • It is easy to maneuver around the room
  • It contains HEPA filter system to keep the air fresh after cleaning


  • Material quality can be better
  • Hose is not flexible
  • Brush head is bigger and cannot clean under the furniture

Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner features Pet PowerMate and Pet Upholstery Tool for easy and quick removal of pet hairs from carpets and furniture’s. It is suitable for cleaning all types of floor surfaces including stairs, furniture’s, hardwood floors etc. The high efficiency HEPA filters ensures a cleaner exhaust air. A crossover handle is provided to store the dusting brush and crevice tools at fingertips. Kenmore canister vacuum for carpet has an electronic performance indicator to let you know when the bag is full and to check for clogs.

  • HEPA filtration

  • Electronic Performance Indicator

  • Quiet Operation

  • Easy to use

Telescopic Wand and 7-foot hose ensures easier above-floor cleaning. The exclusive stair grip allows easier cleaning of stairs by allowing the vacuum to rest on staircase. The variable power option allows you to clean gently the delicate carpet and rugs.




  • HEPA filtration
  • Electronic performance indicator
  • Exclusive stair grip
  • Variable power option
  • Easier above-floor cleaning
  • Pet PowerMate and Pet Upholstery Tools


  • Mouth on the hose is too large
  • Short bristles

Koblenz develops high quality floor care products for the last 40 years, to fulfill the needs of its customers on both international and domestic market.  It contains motors of 4.2 amps with bronze gears for long life of the vacuum cleaner. Carpet brushes have simple flow- thru design for deep cleaning the floors and carpets.  They provide five pairs of brushes and pads. Carpet shampoos are gentle on the carpet fibers.

  • Powerful 4.2 amp motor

  • There are 5 pairs of scrubbing brushes

  • 18- feet long power cord

  • Nylon scrub fibers to clean the heavy soiled floors

  • 144- ounce tank for cleaning solution

The power cord is long of about 18 feet, to clean the heights and narrow area very easily. There is 144 ounce of tank cleaner to add your formula to the tank and clean the floor like a Pro.  There is a very powerful nylon scrub to clean the carpets with less stress and soft brush to clean the hard floors. All you need to do with this canister is to pretreat the carpet with a shampoo and clean it with hot water and second time without shampoo for better results.




  • It is easy to use
  • Great value for money


  • Not suited for wood floors

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122 – Corded is the best-selling and top rated canister vacuum for carpet. The versatility, portability and easy manoeuvrability to be used over different surfaces due to its light weight design makes it the best choice among customers. The multi surface floor nozzle and the powerful suction provides effortless and easier cleaning of carpets and rugs. The integrated features of Bissell canister vacuum such as easy push button operation, variable suction control, adjustable height settings, the automatic cord rewind system etc. makes Bissell canister vacuum the best canister vacuum for carpet.

All the major performance parameters has to be considered while selecting the best canister vacuum for carpet. The following list provides the main factors to be considered before buying a canister vacuum.

The canister vacuum cleaners with high efficiency HEPA filtration system are the best choice for canister vacuum as it get rids of all the dust, pollens, pet hairs and all other allergens to provide a cleaner exhaust air free of allergens. If the filtration is not efficient then it might send back the allergens back to room leading to the cause of bronchial disorders. So make sure to check for high efficiency filtration system while purchasing the canister vacuum cleaner for carpet.

The vacuum cleaners with a noise level of 60 to 65dB are quieter in operation and does not provide any nasty noises while operating. If the noise figure is higher, then the vacuum cleaner will be noisy in operation. If you prefer a silent environment while cleaning check for the noise figure of the vacuum cleaner and select accordingly.

Bagged vacuum cleaners are cheaper and silent in operation with high efficiency filtration but you have to spend on replacing the bags regularly.

With bagless canister vacuum you do not put extra money for purchasing and replacing the bags. The bagless canister vacuums are little noisy compared to bagged designs and are expensive. Bagless canister vacuums also features highly efficient filtration and good performance.

Check for additional accessories such as crevice tool, upholstery brush, motorized brush and dusting brush so that you can use the vacuum cleaner effectively for cleaning all the hard to reach areas, furnitures, curtains and corners. The combination floor tool lets you to use the vacuum for cleaning carpets as well as hardwood floors.

Invest in the vacuum cleaner which has more functionality, quality and durability so that you do not have to spend to buy expensive accessories for maintenance. If you are looking for budget friendly vacuum cleaner make sure not to compromise the necessary features and the quality of the canister vacuum cleaner or else you will end up with a wrong purchase.

Before cleaning the carpet completely, make sure to remove all the furniture lying on it, so that you can spot all the dirt hidden in the carpet.

  1. Pretreat the carpet to loosen the dirt and stain. You can use a spray formula on the stains and saturate them. Be cautious to spray only a little on the carpet to attract the dirt. 
  2. After pretreating, now you have to fill the canister with hot water for a perfect job as cold water may not melt the stains on your carpet.  It is better to use the specific brand mentioned by the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Using a formula to clean will deliver excellent results after cleaning.
  4. Clean the carpet with the trigger on and off, to get perfect cleaning.
  5. For an extra clean, move the canister with hot water without formula on the carpet as the last step.

The advantages of using a canister vacuum are:

  • They produce less noise while operating.
  • It occupies less space than upright vacuums.
  • Hoses are usually flexible.
  • Accessories are stored on board.
  • Can clean hard to reach areas perfectly, which other machines can’t do.
  • HEPA filtering system- the most important reason for buying canister vacuums.

There are so many solid and valid reasons to have canister vacuum at home.  Some of them are:

  • They produce less noise while operating. Obviously noise is one of the most important things we consider while buying any equipment. Most vacuums produce more noise and care should be taken while purchasing. Canister vacuums are equipped with less noise powerful motors that can clean your carpets with less effort.
  • Canister vacuums have strong suction power to clean your carpets dumped with pet hair and dark stains. With little pretreatment, you can remove the stains and pet hair.
  • They are lighter and easier to carry. So you can clean all the carpets in the house with a single canister vacuum cleaner. Generally Bissell canister carpet cleaner is recommended by many, but there are equal brands like McCulloch, Dyson Ball to do the same task.

HEPA Filter is present in the canister vacuum system to remove the fine dust, dirt at micron level. It also traps 99.97% bacteria and fungi present in your carpet. HEPA filter cleans your house and makes you feel fresh.


Are Canister vacuums suitable for carpet?

Yes, Canister Vacuums are suitable for use on carpets.

How well does Canister Vacuums work on carpet and area rugs?

 Canister Vacuums work very well on carpet and area rugs.

Canister vacuums for carpets are a must buy to get rid of all the dirts and dust particles and have an allergen free atmosphere. Buy the best canister vacuum for carpet with good performance, quality and durability and it is going to be a great asset for you.. These devices makes the task of cleaning the carpets and floor surfaces easier for you and relish a hassle free life in a cleaner surroundings.

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