Canister vs Backpack Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Tools

Before feeling frustrated with the look of your hardwood floor, consider a vacuum which is made for wood floors. This can take the place of brooms, dust mops and more. Most of them are used on carpets and also on hardwood floors. In this article, we are going to see Backpack Vs Canister vacuum for hardwood floors.

Backpack Vs Canister vacuum for hardwood tools

These vacuums are made with plastic, rubber grips and they come with rotating brushes, softer bristles so that they do not scratch on the floors. They also come with microfiber pads and are washable. So consider Backpack vacuum and canister vacuum cleaners on hardwood floors which will help to grab the dust with amazing suction power.

Backpack Vs Canister vacuum for hardwood tools image
Backpack Vs Canister vacuum for hardwood tools image

Backpack Vacuum

Backpack vacuum cleaners are great in productivity. With backpack vacuum cleaner you can able to vacuum larger areas with faster times. In this article, we provide an outline in a very simple way to work faster and get better results.

What do you require to get started?

  • Backpack vacuum cleaner
  • Hose and wand assembly
  • Floor tool
  • Dusting tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Disposal dust bag
  • Electric cord

Using a Backpack vacuum cleaner with L.A.W.S

With this L.A.W.S it is easy to remember how to use the equipment for cleaning easily and safely.

  • Let the machine do work
  • Avoid awkward and twisting postures
  • Weight over the feet and stand naturally with back straight
  • Share the load takes some turns with a team partner.

It is important to note that, not to use any cleaning equipment until you are best and fully trained and know how to use it safely.

How to start and tips to use Backpack Vacuum Cleaner?

Instructions for using and to start the backpack vacuum cleaner may vary with different machines depending on organizations so it is always better to check with the manufacturer’s instructions before using the device. They are modified canister vacuum designed to sit comfortably on the back of use. Backpack vacuums are fitted with waist straps and shoulders to hold the vacuum securely and safely in a place allowing ease of use and maximum mobility. The motor is generally located at the bottom of the unit for a low center of gravity to ensure the proper balance and stability to the operator. As this is fitted tightly to the body, the units of this vacuum cleaners are equipped with cooling components and sound dampening in order to ensure safety and comfort. But some general tips and rules are listed below where most of the backpack vacuum cleaners are used.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner image

Preparing the Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Ensure that the machine is adjusted and checked for safety, check with filters is clean and dust bag is empty before you start the device.
  2. Standing upright: make sure you are maintaining back’s natural curves while using the backpack vacuum cleaners
  3. Switch on the vacuum cleaner with the rocker switch located at the side of the cleaner
  4. Vacuum the floor by moving the floor tool on the surface in to and fro motion by slightly overlapping and complete the whole area to be cleaned. Make sure that while vacuuming you do not much extend the floor tool so far away from your body so that you need to bend.
  5. Switch off the machine to move it from one area to another area, switch off the power button, disconnect the lead and then move to a new area by winding and unwinding the electrical lead entirely from machine lead. This is always required while shifting to a new place.
  6. Dispose regularly and replace the disposal dust bag. Empty, clean and replace the filter bag by taking care to refit it properly.
  7. Remove and clean all the filters on a regular basis or at least once a week.

Tips to use a backpack vacuum cleaner and get the floors cleaned very faster

Layout and condition of the area

  • Find the very easily located power point and use this as a starting point
  • Consider the room with a layout including the position and type of desks, chairs, tables, fittings and other furniture’s.
  • Know the condition of the floor and how dirt it is

Plan vacuuming

  • Plan the path in which area you want to vacuum
  • Decide which and what areas you want to clean

Be smart

  • Always work away from the power point you are using
  • For detailed cleaning use longer vacuuming strokes and for spot, cleaning use shorter targeted strokes
  • Use a powerhead or turbo head with brushing tool. This will help to further speed up the cleaning especially the areas which are difficult to clean.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors image
Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors image

Canister vacuum cleaners are best to bear on hardwood floors as they have several important features. When choosing canister vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors the attachments make all the difference in terms of safe cleaning. You all need to check for quality and the level of suction it provides. If you choose a canister vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors then you need to consider few things listed below.

Non-marking wheels

Look for a canister vacuum cleaner with non-marking wheels so that they do not form any scratches on the floor. Make sure that you do not pull the vacuum if it stuck at some place or get blocked or jammed. Dragging forms scratches.


The best canister vacuum cleaner will have the attachment that is a rocker switch on the top which you click with your foot, which allows helping in the transition from low pile carpet to bare floors.

The upholstery tool and crevice tool are great and if you have a pet it is better to get rubberized pet tool to get rid of fur or hair from furniture.

Adjustable suction power

If you have the adjustable suction power then it is the huge bonus which allows you to move from floor to the delicate areas while cleaning. Canister vacuum cleaners are great for reaching the higher areas and corners that is the reason most of them allow you to adjust the suction power. For more information, do visit regularly.

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