Atrix Revo Red Bagless HEPA Canister Vacuum – Best Germ Cleaning Canister for Home & Office!

Atrix International is a leading company among the most popular manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. One of the best-featured vacuum cleaners is the Atrix AHC-RR Canister Vacuum Cleaner in the market today. It is not just confined to homes, but also offices and industries. The Atrix AHC-RR which we bought for the test, came as a bagless canister vacuum with a lot of essential accessories and attachments in the system. With these many options, cleaning is not anymore a headache but an easy, fun, and a quick job. Upon analyzing it and testing on several surfaces, here is our Revo Red Atrix canister vacuum review which covers our whole experience with it.

This Atrix canister vacuum is designed to be incredibly powerful with its variable motor speed to obtain the best cleaning by the great suction force. Many fine particles are captured and eliminated, such as dust, pet hair, debris, etc., efficiently. With many filters, it performs incredibly in cleaning the dust particles that float in the air constantly and help in keeping the house clean as well as protecting you and your pets from the toxicity of air. This portable and lightweight bagless canister vacuum cleaner saves you as it is convenient to use, especially when you’re running out of time, and you need a fast and efficient cleaning. You can purchase it now for just below $200, which is entirely worth it!

Revo Red Atrix Canister Vacuum Review, 2023

1. Tank System

The system of the Atrix Revo Red Vacuum Cleaner is designed with a variable motor speed that has different power settings, running on 1400 watts and 120 power, which is applicable on all types of floors (such as tiles, vinyl, wood) and carpeted floors as well. We could easily change its suction power and the speed of the vacuum as per our needs.

The power of the suction is fantastic, and it acquires 3rd level speed suction to effectively work on the floor and pull up any type of debris and dust particles. Also, it supports the feature of maneuverability which helped us in keeping it upright or horizontal according to our preferences. But we avoided using it on sharp objects as it can damage the system. Mainly, it is for indoors cleaning and not for cars or garage.

2. No More Dusty Bags

This portable canister vacuum is also famously known as the Atrix Bagless Canister which exclusively supports the bagless feature, so we don’t need to buy dirtbags and replace them often. All the dirt accumulates in the HEPA dustbin filter after it’s being pulled up and filtered through the fine air filtration system, including all the debris and dust like hair, tobacco ashes, powdery substances and so on.

Also, no disposal is needed since the filters and dustbin in the canister system is washable and reusable. It just needs to be washed, dried, and we can use it again. Though it takes time and a bit of manual work to clean the dustbin and filter properly, it saves a fair amount of money spent on expensive dirtbags.

3. Additional Accessories

Without the essential accessories, it only gives half of the result. So, the Atrix HEPA Canister Vacuum offers excellent versatile tools to clean in the best way. With a lot of attachments, it served us a great purpose. The floor tool is a powerful tool brush for the bare floor surfaces to clean maximum dust and dirt areas. It has two settings for the tool brush to work individually and productively. It can be switched by pressing the brush change button.

When we used this vacuum on the hard floor surfaces, we extended the soft bristles of the brush. While on the carpeting, we had to rewind it into the nozzle, thus it is practical. The upholstery nozzle is meant to clean the ceilings and net curtains, whereas, the crevice tool is used to clean all the corners and cupboards, giving them a clean and smooth finish. Also, there’s an accessory holder fitted on the telescopic wand measured 22-33 inches, along with a 6 inch vacuum hose that worked well in cleaning the hard-to-areas places.

4. Filtration System

Atrix AHC-RR light weight canister vacuum which is a round-shaped canister consists of a 3 quart HEPA dustbin filter system. This helps the vacuum to work powerfully by trapping tiny particles. It cleans so well with a fair filtration system that catches the dust particles with great suction strength around the floors, efficiently. We couldn’t stop ourselves from appreciating its different stages of air filtration with foam pre motor filter, foam pre-HEPA filter, and foam exhaust filter, removing all small particles efficiently and quickly like allergens, furs, etc.

The Foam Pre Motor Filter drives out 99.99% of dust particles. Means, it is good in clearing fine mess such as smoke ash, powder dust, etc. The Foam Exhaust Filter helps to pile up all the ash particles collected into the exhaust filter. All the dust accumulates around the HEPA filter and sent into the HEPA dustbin. In this bag-free canister vacuum, you can wash and reuse the dustbin and filters. So there’s no need to buy filters or dirtbags frequently like in bagged vacuums.

5. Sound Level

Unlike all vacuum cleaner motors, the motor of Atrix AHC-RR Revo Red canister vacuum cleaner doesn’t produce any uneasy sound, nor it is too loud when in operation. It made a decent sound in our test which is fair enough for a vacuum cleaner when running on high power since the speed motor is placed inside the canister system. It is not stressful to use and clean the floors with minimal sound, any day and anytime with this best rated canister vacuum.

It’s recommended to use this cleaner when pets are around as it won’t scare them. It’s not at all problematic for the older people as well, when the vacuum cleaner is in use near them. Thus, no more experiencing screeching or clunky sounds from the machine and all thanks to this amazing Atrix Canister Revo Red Vacuum Cleaner.

6. Cord Length

The length of the power cord is measured 20-feet, which is excellent for working on far distances from outlets. With this long cord, the whole floor can get covered in one go. With measuring the distance to cover, we can take out the sufficient length also and then plug it into the wall outlet and switch on the vacuum. The yellow mark on the cord depicts the maximum length, and thus, it’s advisable not to exceed.

The telescopic wand has a metallic handle extending for up to 22-36 inches with the power cord, and 17 height settings make it highly possible for cleaning high ceilings, blinds, and inner places that are hard to reach. It is lightweight and we could easily carry it up and down while vacuuming the carpeted stairs. Also, the power cord is retractable, so it retracts back with just one click on the rewind button!



  • Brand : Atrix
  • Item model number : AHC-RR
  • Product Dimensions : 16 x 11 x 13.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 10.4 pounds
  • Surface Recommendation : Hard floor, Carpet, Dual action
  • Included Components : Bagless HEPA Canister Vacuum
  • HEPA Dust bin capacity : 3 quart
  • Power Cord length : 20 foot


How does this Atrix AHC-RR Vacuum noise level compare to others you’ve used?

The noise level of this Atrix Red canister HEPA vacuum sounds much lesser and pleasurable when compared to other vacuum cleaners. It is not too loud and doesn’t emit unnecessary noises like clunking and screeching of the machine.

What is the warranty on this Atrix Canister Revo Red AHC-RR vacuum cleaner?

One year is the warranty period given on the Atrix – bagless canister vacuum AHC-RR cleaner. This is very helpful and the best way using the product without hesitation. When it’s not matching with a particular requirement or facing any issues like falling out of the screws, detached hose, broken wheels or any other damage in the system, it can be repaired, replaced or returned within one year of use.

How many amps are there on the motor of the Atrix Revo Red Canister Vacuum?

12 amps are present on the motor speed of the Atrix canister HEPA vacuum, Red. It is good enough to help cool the motor down as it runs very powerfully with fair enough voltage and watt power.

Does Atrix Canister Revo Red Bagless Vacuum Cleaner stay upright when in use, or does it lay horizontal?

Yes, the Atrix Revo Red Canister Vacuum Cleaner does stay upright when in use, also it does lay horizontally.

Can you change the amount of suction manually?

Yes, the amount of suction can be changed manually. It is handy as it depends upon our choices and the requirements to change its suction power according to the surface being vacuumed on such as hard surface flooring tiles, vinyl floors, marbles etc.


Therefore, concluding the Atrix canister vacuum review, it stood as the best demanding vacuum cleaner available in the market because of all the essential features it is offering. The Atrix doesn’t only give good quality vacuum cleaners but also superb services to its customers. They manufactured the Canister Revo Red Vacuum Cleaner to work on all types of floors and carpets. Besides, it cleans the furniture, cabinets, bookshelves, ceilings and many more! Many users loved this because of its portability, maneuverability and lightweight. We too are the ones who fell for it. This HEPA vacuum cleaner filters out your house, office and malls from dusty air and keeps the air you breathe in germ-free. It gives you protection from dry dust particles by storing and dumping into a washable and reusable dustbin.

Most of the Atrix canister vacuum reviews are positive from users and reviewers. No wonder it achieved a 4.3-rating star by the happy customers on Amazon. Well, we can finally say that it is a must-buy product!

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