Complete info on Pet Grooming Vacuum – Things to consider before buying

Having a pet at home is just like having a family member or a perfect friend. Your pet gives you good company and gets excited when you come home. But it would be nice if pets did not shed their fur over all the places. Having stuck with pet hair on all clothes, furnishing and on the floor would be a bit of pain. So, to get rid of this, let us see all about Pet Grooming Vacuum.

All about Pet Grooming Vacuum

Interestingly there are many wide varieties of pet vacuum cleaners available in the market that can nip the pet hair problems. There are few things to consider before buying a pet vacuum cleaner/grooming tool. They are the type of pet you have, budget, type of flooring, and features of different vacuum models.

All about Pet Grooming Vacuum image
All about Pet Grooming Vacuum image

Things to consider before purchasing Pet Vacuum Cleaner/Grooming Tool

Some of the pets do not shed their hair but still lose some hair here and there. It is not just hair but also grass, mud and leaves are bought regularly inside the home. For cleaning all this you need a super powerful pet vacuum cleaner which is designed to scrape fur from everywhere that is from carpet to cushions and even pick up all the extra dirt and debris too that pet has formed.  So to buy a pet vacuum cleaner with efficient, flexible and satisfies your requirement you need to consider a few things before purchasing the pet vacuum cleaner/grooming tool listed below.

Your home layout and flooring

The type of layout and flooring in your home will have an impact on the decision of what type of vacuum cleaner to buy.

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  • Hardware and tile floors: The key feature here is to get the vacuum that has great suction. If you buy a vacuum cleaner that does not have great suction then it will merely blow the fur around the floors. Make sure that it will capture the fur from the floor. It will be efficient if you buy the vacuum designed for hard floor.
  • Carpets and rugs: If you have rugs and carpets then you need a vacuum that not only has the great suction but also the rotating brush to pull the fur out from the carpet. This is the reason vacuum cleaner with rotating brush is very useful but for it damages the hard floors.
  • Stairs: If your house plan has some stairs then you need to plan accordingly and pay attention to the weight of your vacuum cleaner. So lift it up the stairs and down it is better to buy a fairly lightweight model. A tip for vacuuming staircases is to use the attachments that may come with your vacuum cleaner. Many of the vacuum cleaners will come with an extension hose which helps you to attach a smaller brush head. Instead of using the entire device on stairs, the extension hose will help you to easily and efficiently vacuum the stairs.
  • Furniture: Look for that pet vacuum cleaner that has attachments to clean the fur off from the furniture.

Type of pet you have

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It all depends on the type of pet you have at your home. Some of the dogs and cats shed more than others and some have long hair and some are considered as nonallergenic. There are so many different breeds where all breeds have a different rate of shedding their fur so it is important to understand the tendencies of your bread and buy according to the pet vacuum cleaner.



Budget image

You can buy a cheap vacuum cleaner very easily these days but when coming to the capturing of fur, initially it works well and good but after that, the fur will start clogging up the machine and leads to many maintenance issues. There are different types of pet vacuum cleaners available in the market with many features and has price varying from one brand to another brand. The more features and versatility of a vacuum cleaner, then the price will be higher. Depending on the models and brands price will vary, select the one which suits you the best.


Choosing the type of vacuum cleaner

There are many different models of vacuum to choose so it will be an overwhelming decision on which vacuum to buy. Types of vacuum cleaners are:

  • Upright vacuum cleaners: these are easy to use because you do not need to bend over a lot. They are quite flexible and have settings for both bare floors like tile or wood and carpets. They also have attachments for cleaning the pet hair from the furniture.
  • Canister vacuum cleaner: These types typically come with a large variety of features for carpets and hard surfaces. Canister vacuum cleaners are one of the best pet vacuum cleaners for cleaning the pet fur.

How to use Canister Vacuum?

The canister vacuum has many good features in cleaning the house. The advantage of this type is its versatility. These are perfect for vinyl, carpets, tiles, hardwoods. This vacuum is lightweight which is easy to use and also will not damage the floor because of its weight. Being lightweight makes the canister vacuum a very advantageous tool and handy.  The advantage of the head is that it helps you to clean under the sofa, over the divider and on top of a table that is the reason it is handy. This can be easily transferred from one place to another place which is a very important factor. This canister vacuum cleaner has greater suction power and no noise is produced while working.

  • Robot vacuum cleaner: Robot vacuum cleaners do cleaning for some degree. By programming this will suction up all the fur and hair of pets throughout the day usually does well enough job. It is not so efficient to some types of pet hairs.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaners: This type does not have greater and strongest suction, but they are great at cleaning the smaller meshes quickly such as the fur blocked at the corners. They have a smaller price and are easily hand able.

Features to consider

You also need to consider which features are useful and important to you within your budget. If you often looking for the vacuum cleaner to clean the fur on furniture’s or stairs then prefer the model with accessories which make cleaning easier. Look for the vacuum cleaner with features like HEPA filters, brush agitator.  

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