Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners of 2020 - From big messes to microparticles, they tackle everything!

Best Rated Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Sale

Whether it’s a vacuum cleaner or some other household tools and appliances, you can never compromise with the noise that gets emitted by these machines. Most people suffer from migraines or have babies sleeping that wake up crying due to the loud noise a vacuum cleaner makes. Thus, to resolve these issues and some more, that we will talk about later, we have brought you the best canister vacuum cleaner that you can find online. Now, the question arises- what is a canister vacuum. Well, it’s a vacuum cleaner that has a separate unit for the motor to be stored in.

 This separate unit design provides better space for sound to be insulated. It does not emit much noise and is always operating in decibels of around 60 to 65 db. – Which is great compared to other upright vacuum cleaners. Also, a best vacuum cleaner with retractable cord. Such cords will never restrict you in moving around the house, and come off the plug when you trip over it. Lightweight canister vacuum cleaners are a good choice for people that have difficulty in carrying heavy stuff around. They are small in size and very convenient to clean the house. In this article, we are going to showcase you some of the best canister vacuum cleaners on sale, that are good in the budget as well as features.

Top 10 Best Canister Vacuum Reviews 2020

Eureka NEN110A Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless Lightweight Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner image

Kenmore Elite 21814 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Kenmore Elite 21814 Pet Friendly CrossOver Lightweight Bagged HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner image

Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner ST2000

Ovente ST2000 Bagless Corded Canister Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner image

One of the Best Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors the Eureka NEN110A Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner is truly deserving of the top place in our list. It has a very elegant design with all the components of the vacuum cleaner easily locking into place. One of the most lightweight Canister Vacuums, the Eureka can be easily carried around the house and maneuvered as and when you like. One of the best features of this product is that it can be easily cleaned.

  • Multi-Surface Vacuum

  • Whirlwind

  • Integrated Airflow control

  • Swivel Steering

  • Metal Wand

  • 3L Dust Container

  • Bagless

All you have to do is take a cloth, dab it in some water and wipe the machine clean. Almost all the components of this canister vacuum cleaner are washable. A feature that we liked the most in this best canister bagless vacuum is how easily you can dispose of the dust. As soon as you are done cleaning and the dust cup is full, all you have to do is take the dust cup out of the canister vacuum cleaner, place it on top of the garbage can, press the release button, and the dust will be emptied easily into the can. It’s that simple! And eureka nen110a whirlwind bagless canister vacuum cleaner review says this one is a best choice for Home Cleaning.





One of the premium choices in our list of small canister vacuums is from Kenmore. This Kenmore Elite 21814 Canister Vacuum Cleaner may be an old model but it still has been trending all over the online market because of its amazing powerful features. If you have been looking for the Best Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair, then the Kenmore is going to be the right choice for you as it will not disappoint. It has a bagged structure which makes it capable of cleaning all types of floors along with carpets.

  • Bagged Canister Vacuum

  • Multiple Attachment Tools

  • Swivel Head

  • Pet PowerMate Brush

  • Enhanced Cleaning

  • 2 Motor System

  • LED Light

  • HEPA Filter System

The manufacturers of this best canister vacuum for hardwood floors are very generous, as they provide the machine with lots of accessories that make it ideal for cleaning pet hair and mess. It has a crevice tool that is located towards the top, that is the upper handle. Also, the unit comes with various brushes to clean pet hair, a PowerMate brush, and two horsehair brushes to clean the floor or to be used for dusting. The best part of this Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet is that it can be used for heavy jobs as well. It comes accompanied with three heads, that you can change and replace depending upon the type of job you need it to handle.






The EyeVac Company has come up basically with three touchless stationary canister vacuum models, that are different from each other based on size, performance, and some extra features. The one we have listed is convenient in all ranges whether it be price, size or performance. This EyeVac Pro Touchless vacuum is the Best Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair which will help clean all the residual hair from your home without forcing you to bend over and clean every time.

  • Commercial Use

  • Grab Pet Hair

  • Cyclonic Action

  • In Built Filter

  • Portable

  • Bag Less

  • Red Status Indicator light

This Portable Canister Vacuum is very interesting when it comes to how it operate it. As this EyeVac Canister Vacuum Cleaners on Sale has infrared sensors which on detecting areas that require heavy cleaning, will automatically turn on the cyclonic action of the suction system. Along with that it also comes with a HEPA filtration system that can suck all kinds of particles in the air like pollen, mites, and smoke. 

Other than that, this best canister vacuums does require a good amount of regular maintenance as after every four to five full capacity cleaning usage, you will have to clean it with some soap and water. Along with that, the EyeVac comes with LED lights that will light up to indicate that the canister is full, thus making it convenient.





The Ovente Canister Vacuum Cleaner ST2000 is one of the most Best Bagless Canister Vacuum that everyone overlooks. But to be honest, this machine is really powerful and can do wonders. The manufacturers have designed a very good unit that provides cyclonic suction power, but as people tend towards going for the most popular brand- the Ovente remains underrated. Therefore, we are going to tell you about the best features this Small Canister Vacuum has to offer.

  • Fast

  • Efficient

  • 1200 Watts

  • Cyclonic vacuum

  • Crush Proof Hose

  • Advance Multi Level Filtration

  • HEPA Filtration

  • Premium Attachments

The cyclonic power of this Bagless Canister Vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking any kind of debris and dust without getting stuck or missing any spot. Like all popular brands, this machine also comes with swivel steering, thus, you can steer it around for 360 degrees and clean at any angle you wish without finding any difficulty in the ease of utilizing. You can also adjust the speed of the machine, to your own need, with the help of the button provided near the bottom area of the small canister vacuum.





The Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Compact Canister Vacuum is loved by all of its existing customers. According to some of the Oreck Canister Vacuum Cleaner Reviews that we referred to, it is one of the most convenient vacuum cleaners out there- mainly because of the straps that come accompanied. These straps can be used to hang the cleaner on your back like a backpack and carry it around with you while cleaning your home. Like every canister vacuum is supposed to be like- it is lightweight, has the powerful suction capability, comes with convenient tools, a long cord and is bagged.

  • Shoulder Strap

  • Integrated Handle

  • 4 Amp, 2 Stage Bypass Motor

  • Adjustable Extension Wand

  • 4 Foot Hose

  • 30 Foot Power Cord

  • Lightweight

  • Full set of detailing tools

  • Disposable bag

  • Disposable Filter

Although this is one of the best canister vacuum cleaner with bag, some consumers have had problems with its hose, as according to them it’s not flexible enough. It provides amazing suction power that is capable of sucking almost everything without any problem. Also, this bagged canister vacuum cleaner is the most ideal machine for people who have difficulty in cleaning tight spaces, stairs, vehicle interiors, etc.





If you have been looking for a cheap canister vacuum cleaners that is perfect for dual-use such as good for home as well as commercial cleaning, then the Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum cleaner will be the right choice for you. This Commercial Canister Vacuum is good for cleaning all kinds of areas of your home along with tough cleaning for areas like a restaurant, hospital, office, etc. where too much of grease and slime exist.

  • Lightweight

  • Extra wide cleaning path

  • Stretch Hose

  • Cleaning Accessory Pack

  • Built-in Blower

  • Convenient On/Off Switch

  • Reusable Cloth Bag

  • Compact Form

The best and most liked feature of Hoover CH30000 is that it comes with a washable cloth bag. This cloth bag can be easily washed after every use, making it very convenient. This machine also comes with a strong built-in blower along with a long hose, that makes every corner of your house reachable. Another important aspect of this powerful Hoover machine is that it comes with the option for the user to choose between a paper bag or a washable cloth bag. In case you choose to use a paper bag, you will have to buy a bag adapter kit externally from some source.





People with allergies are surely going to love this Lightweight Kenmore Canister Vacuum which is the  81414 400 series. It has an inbuilt HEPA filter that is not very common in all canister vacuums, thus a big Yes for people that are conscious of the air they breathe in. It also has a 26 feet long power cord that makes it very easy for you to move around from room to room without having to bother about detaching it from the power plug of one room and again connecting it to the power plug of another room.

  • Bagged Canister Vacuum

  • Aluminum Telescoping Wand

  • Triple HEPA Filter System

  • Lightweight

  • Storage System

  • Variable Power Control

According to the manufacturers of this bagged canister vacuum, the Kenmore 81414 is suitable for cleaning of all kinds of floors, starting from bare floors to hardwood floors. To make your cleaning experience easier and comfortable, the company has provided the canister vacuum with various tools and accessories such as a crevice tool that can be used to clean upholstery, dusting brush, bare floor cleaning too and much more. The best part of it is that you don’t have to worry about storing them somewhere safe, as it also comes with a compartment, where you can store them all.





If you have been looking for a powerful suction Canister Vacuum that can take care of all your pet hair problems, which does not compromise in power pack performance delivery or the budget-friendly price exerted then the Miele Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner is going to be the right choice for you. It is one of the Lightweight Canister Vacuums that are good to carry around the house without causing pain on your back muscles.

  • Miele Made Vortex Motor

  • Suction Control

  • Combination Floorhead

  • Accessories on VarioClip

  • AirClean Sealed System

  • Large Cleaning Radius

  • First-class quality

  • German Engineering

Miele is a German Company, and their manufacturers have come up with an almost flawless design for this machine. But as every product goes, if there are some good, there must be some bad as well. This small canister vacuum machine is suitable for cleaning hardwood floors as well as good for carpet floors. All you have to is click on some buttons and change the settings while moving from one-floor type to another. The machine can provide you with a cleaning area of around 29.5 feet which is amazing- as you do not have to find power outlets to plug in the device while moving from one room to the other.





A very different addition to what we have listed previously is the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System as this machine utilizes a steam system to power up. Like every Amazon Canister Vacuum, this too can clean almost every kind of a mess, debris, dust particles, grease, slime, and stains. In the design of the machine, there is a small knob that you can use to change the pressure of the steam. If you are a person with a pet, then this small canister vacuum cleaner will be the most ideal choice for you, as they are environmentally safe and do not use any kind of chemical to harm your pets.

  • Variable Steam Control

  • Three Pronged Plug

  • Natural Deep Cleaning

  • Sanitizes

  • Boiler Water Feed Method

  • Measuring Cup

  • Floor Mop Attachments

  • On-board storage

Also, this Best Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner may be sized for personal and home use, but it can also be used for commercial purposes. It is ideal for restaurants that have BBQ grills and large kitchen areas with a considerable amount of grease, as this canister vacuum can clean all of it. The McCulloch MC1375 Canister Vacuum Cleaners on Sale consumes around 1500 watts and takes 12 minutes to heat up. As soon as the machine is heated up, you can use its steam-powered system to clean continuously for around 90 minutes.





The Bissell is a well-known for their upright vacuum cleaners are almost unbeatable, but do their canister vacuum cleaner to stand up to its name? We are glad to inform you that it does. This Bissell Deluxe is the Best Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors, as it works wonders on it. 

  • Powerful Suction

  • Delicate Cleaning

  • Felt Treads

  • Compact

  • Lightweight

  • Fingertip Control

  • Easy Empty Dirt Tank

  • Hard Floor Tool

  • Extended Reach

According to some of the canister vacuum cleaner reviews that we referred to, we found that it is suitable for cleaning all kinds of a mess- whether it be debris, dust particles, pet hairs or any kind of slime. It pushes large debris into piles of mess and sucks them all inside which is great. But as all machines have some cons, this one too had some troubles while sucking.

The Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum gets clogged at times in the head, and you will have to stop in between and unclog it. Also, while cleaning particles, the head might need to be lifted off and placed right above the particles to get them sucked in. And that is the main reason why we have put it in the 9th rank of our list. Although, it still provides the powerful suction capability. No doubts about that!





Many people find it very confusing and land up in a conundrum while deciding which one to choose. Is an upright vacuum cleaner the better choice, or do you need a canister vacuum? In this segment, we are going to solve that issue by addressing the various advantages and need towards getting the Best Rated Canister Vacuum. 

Canister vacuum cleaners are an ideal choice because they have good maneuverability, are lightweight and have extended reach with their retractable cord. The best canister vacuum with retractable cord has a large space that can store a bigger motor system. The larger is the motor, the better it is as it has more filters to clean the air, as well as more room to control and induct the noise caused by the system. Thus, a small canister vacuum will make very little noise compared to an upright vacuum cleaner, and if you are a person who is sensitive to noise, then this is the right machine for you.

Another advantage of a canister vacuum cleaner is its design. Due to the sealed body, there is no chance of leakage of dust and dirt from any part of it. It is also very easy to maintain, as the only movable part is the long hose which is retractable, and can cover large rooms quickly, without having you to unplug the machine and reconnecting while moving from one room to other. The machine can be easily cleaned and is also very convenient to store.

The best part of having a canister vacuum is that you don’t have to bother yourself too much with the filter system. As most canister vacuums come with a lid that you can open to pull and change the filter easily. The wheels of the machine are also very large and can easily distribute the weight of the canister evenly across it without causing any imbalance. Thus, a canister vacuum is surely an ideal choice for people with noise issues, having a large room, and want a machine that is lightweight, easy to maintain and control.

The Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner will have all the basic parts that will do their fundamental work. So, we are going to explain the working of a canister vacuum by addressing their parts and what each of them does.

  • Intake Port – The best part of having a canister vacuum is that the intake port is right at the end of your wand. So you can easily maneuver the wand to go wherever you want. The intake port is through which all the debris is sucked into the system.
  • Rotating Brush – The rotating brush is placed inside the intake port. The kind of bristles on the brush may differ from company to company, but the basic work of these brushes is to use their bristles to bring the debris closure to the intake port to get sucked in and up the hose to the dust cup.
  • Wand or Hose – This is the part that you hold while directing the intake port to clean areas. The difference between a wand and a hose is that if your canister vacuum comes with a stick like accessory then it is a wand, but in case it is flexible and bendy, then it’s a hose. Different people prefer different kinds of attachments, but the basic performance is the same. The intake port is connected to the end of the hose or wand.
  • Motor – The motor is located within the canister, and it’s what powers up the fan to rotate and suck the debris into the dust cup. The more is the power of the motor, the higher will be the rate of suction of your canister vacuum.
  • Fan – The fan is like a normal fan that rotates through the power of the motor at a high speed. It spins at a high speed to suck all the debris in through the intake port.
  • Filter – Various small canister vacuums and some commercial canister vacuum come with HEPA filters or some other filter that controls the quality of air around you while passing the mess out of your exhaust port. 
  • Bag – The bag is used to collect all the dust and dirt within it. Most bags are not airtight, therefore there occurs the risk of contamination back into the air.
  • Exhaust Port – The exhaust port, as the name suggests is through where the sucked air comes filtered out of the machine and into your home’s atmosphere.

Every vacuum cleaners have their pros and cons. Some are lightweight, some are too bulky, whereas some perform noiselessly. But how to decide when two machines seem almost the same. Thus, we have curated a comparison table of both the good’s and bad’s in Canister Vacuum Cleaners on Sale and upright vacuum cleaners, so that after reading it you will be wiser and have it easy to decide while buying a vacuum cleaner.

  • Bagless Canister Vacuums – The bagless canister vacuums do not come with a bag but instead a compartment is used to store the dust and debris into it, which is airtight. So you do not have to worry about replacing the bags from time to time. But you have to clean and maintain the compartment after 4 or 5 times of vacuuming.
  • Bagged Canister Vacuums – In this type of bagged canister vacuum, there comes a replaceable or washable bag within the machine that is used to store the debris in it. This bag is not airtight, and sometimes air may escape through it leading to contamination. People have to replace the bags from time to time to maintain the quality of cleaning.

Bagless Vs Bagged Canister Vacuum Which One Is Best

Deciding on which type of vacuum cleaner you must buy is just one step towards getting the best canister vacuum. But there comes a bigger hurdle when you have to decide, which type of canister vacuum cleaner you should go for. There are ways of differentiating each of them from one another. Some maybe on the basis of the amount of sound it makes, some maybe cause of the structure and design, or the internal performance and maintenance of the machine. Thus, we have compared the two most common types of small canister vacuum that you will find in the market, which will enlighten you and brief you on what should be the best for you.

Another different type of canister vacuum cleaner is the corded canister vacuum and the cordless canister vacuum cleaner. Many people may think what does a cord has to play in defining the major performance of a Best Rated Canister Vacuum. The answer to that is- it’s a key point to defining how much functionality you can procure from a machine. Therefore in the below table, we are going to compare the positive and negative aspects of both the corded and cordless vacuum cleaners.

The Company Kenmore is a very old brand which started in the year of 1900. In their initial times, they were known for manufacturing household appliances such as sewing machines and washing machines. Soon, they started producing other floor cleaning goods and tools such as vacuum cleaners which ranged from upright vacuum cleaners to canister vacuum cleaners. Also, they started manufacturing refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and a lot more. In the present day, they are known for manufacturing some of the most durable and reliable best canister vacuum cleaners.

Even though Dyson produces different family unit products and essentials, however, the specialty for which they are prevalently known is the Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaners. The nature of their items is noteworthy, and clients can depend on their lightweight canister vacuum cleaners to keep going for quite a while. The specialized help of the organization continues carrying new advancements and moves up to the market, which tends to the client’s needs and plans to furnish them with the best of their items.

Electrolux is a Swedish Company, with its headquarters located in Stockholm. They are ranked almost 2nd after Whirlpool for selling the most home appliance after them. They have a variety of sub-brands under them that sell and manufacture vacuum cleaners. One of their most notable products is the Electrolux Trilobite which is a robotic vacuum cleaner, that was introduced in the year 2001. Thus, it is quite clear that they were already technologically very advanced from their initial start itself. Currently, they make the most budgeted and high performing lightweight canister vacuum cleaners.

The makers of Bissell canister vacuum cleaners needed to give their clients a propelled plan to unravel the advanced period related cleaning issues. In the event that you are an individual with a constrained spending plan, however, wish to purchase an item that will give all of you the highlights of a top-notch vacuum cleaner, at that point Bissell canister vacuum cleaners will be the best, as they give better highlights and capacities to cleaners in the budgeted range when contrasted with others.

The Miele Company like Kenmore is also one of the oldest brands that have been a well-known name for many families. They have been supplying enduring products while also establishing a trust factor amongst their customers with their Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet. The Miele Company has always been held in the top position for any reviewer while choosing canister vacuums that have premium features that are good in design as well as are affordable. They have also branched their company into manufacturing other products such as cooking appliances, dishwashers, laundry systems, and much more.

Now that we have addressed almost all the aspects of what goes into the manufacturing of a cheap canister vacuum or the best rated canister vacuum, and you are also well aware of all the types and companies that are involved in it- we would like to resolve another prevailing issue amongst buyers which is what features to look for while buying the best canister vacuum cleaner. These features are very important and one should never neglect considering them while surfing through a long list of cleaners.

Before going for a small canister vacuum cleaner make sure that you have checked the company’s background and gone through their customer support. Also, make sure that you go through the warranty period of their product as you never know when you might need it. Make sure to also read some customer reviews related to the product. It will give you a brief idea of what the product is like.

As we have already addressed bagless vacuum cleaners will come pricey but you will have to clean the entire counter regularly to maintain the hygiene. Whereas, the bagged canister vacuum cleaner may come cheap at the beginning, but buying and replacing the bags regularly will come pricey. But a bagged canister vacuum will surely help you maintain the hygiene of your home. Choose wisely.

Cordless vacuum cleaners will never restrict you in movement and suction power but it surely will restrict you in the amount of time you can use it to clean the room. Thus, if you go for a cordless canister vacuum cleaner, make sure that it has a longer runtime. In a corded vacuum cleaner, you will receive no restriction in usage time, but you surely will be restricted in movement.

A hose is very flexible and it can twist and turn in your hand, go wherever you want it to go. But it might require you to bend over and use it. Whereas a wand is a rigid solid stick, but it cannot go anywhere you want it to go.

Make sure that you check the material with which the lightweight canister vacuum cleaner is made of. Cheap plastic materials are sure to break and damage. Thus, make sure that all your attachments are properly sealed and connected with no loose ends.

Having a canister vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter is the best choice you can make, as it cleans the air when it is released from the exhaust port into the atmosphere. It makes sure that no allergens, dust and mite has escaped from the mess back into your room.

So here we shared with you the best canister vacuum reviews as well as some cheap canister vacuums for people that are on a budget. Canister vacuums are very lightweight, and good for people that are tired of the loud noise that upright vacuum cleaners make. Having a canister vacuum will help you reach almost all the areas in your home, as they are very flexible. We have also shared the features of each of the Best Canister Vacuums along with their highlighted pros and cons so that you can make the right decision. Our buying guide will surely help you in understanding how a canister vacuum cleaner works, the types, and brands that are well-known for manufacturing it. Happy Buying!

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